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Top AI beats SC pros, who else could it beat?

Bit of interesting news in the world of gaming from a while back; an AI beat a couple top StarCraft 2 players. Here is a link to get you started, but if you dig deeper there is a lot more … Continue reading

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Quick, guess Blizzard’s panic move!?

First, no, I’m not dead. It was close (worst cold/flu of my life), and moving into a newly built house during said death illness didn’t help, but what REALLY did me in was Comcast. Despite calling them early on, telling … Continue reading

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PvP is hard, yo

Sad. Also, remember when Blizzard shipped completed games, rather than 1/3rd of a game (SC2) or titles missing huge chunks? Ah nostalgia.

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Graphics don’t age like wine.

Plenty of people have already broken down every single frame and image of Diablo3, so I won’t go into it here save for two concerns: 1)      It looks good (but not Crysis amazing) now, but given that it won’t be … Continue reading

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Time to get all Nostradamus with WoW.

Tobold has a post up today talking about the future of WoW and how sustainable it might be, a topic Brent over at Virgin Worlds also recently mentioned in his latest news podcast. The importance and influence WoW has on … Continue reading

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