Fallout 3 and WAR update, Forsaken/CoW merger.

Quick Fallout update: It’s still great. Super Mutants with miniguns that sneak up behind you hurt. Random raiders and talon company mercs with sniper rifles are also… interesting. At the same time, taking someone’s head off with a scoped magnum, in slo-mo, good times. The ally with the loon raving on and on, with nukes all around him, classic stuff.

WAR has been interesting lately. For one, 1.06 brought a ton of changes, and I think everyone is still adjusting to the new class balance and trying to get a feel for RvR. Aria and I finished up tier 3, and are getting our feet wet in tier 4, having played serpents pass a few times and done a few chapter 15 quests. Rank 40 Ironbreakers are scary bastards, considering my attacks move their health bar about as much as one would expect an auto-attack to dent a raid boss. Still, some focus fire, or just Aria and her witch elf shattering some armor, and those little tin cans open right up. Plus no more Tor Anroc and the ‘fun’ of lava punting, so huge win there.

I played the new Black Guard class until rank 5, and my only complaint is this class was not available at launch, because it would clearly be my main. I love the DoK, especially with a WE partner, but the BG is just so incredibly cool. The fact that a tank class can spec to hinder magic users, usually the ban of a tank in PvP, is just great. Watching an Arch Mage try to heal through the debuffs, even at this low a rank, was very entertaining. Looking forward to ranking him up some more and seeing how he pans out. The plan is just to hop on and do scenarios and oRvR with him, skipping most of the PvE. I’ve done it with the DoK, and want to see how ranking up goes exclusively through PvP.

The main characters from Forsaken merged with CoW, moving myself and Remastered into officer positions, with the goal of getting some more organization for T4 RvR. The timing works out great, with all the recent and upcoming fixes to RvR in general, and fortress sieges in particular. I know a fix was implemented today, one that had been on a few servers before, and I guess it really makes a difference. One report showed a 400ish character fortress siege not crashing the zone or inducing server-side lag. Hopefully more positive experiences occur this weekend.

Overall Monolith has been a busy place for oRvR in T3, and I’ve heard only good stuff about T4. I’m looking forward to experiencing it myself this weekend. Happy gaming everyone.

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3 Responses to Fallout 3 and WAR update, Forsaken/CoW merger.

  1. xXJayeDuBXx says:

    I am really loving Fallout 3, my saved game shows almost 50 hours played! But I am close to the finish, I have one more side quest that I can do, then it’s all main quest and exploring left to do!

  2. JoBildo says:

    Glad to have Forsaken in the fold, Syn!

    Order may have a merger on the horizon with a smaller guild too, to help open some slots in our Alliance. It’s amazing how many people in WAR share the same casual ideals as CoW. Makes me wonder how big our two guilds would be had we started recruiting earlier on.

  3. syncaine says:

    Yea or just not closed recruitment. Can’t change that now though, can only press forward. Good times ahead for sure, just wish more of you had picked the correct side to play as, so we could all play together :)

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