Quick DarkFall funny

DarkFall is being patched right now, so you get a weekend post. Thank DarkFall.

Found this on the forum:

Every patch without patch notes is a slap in the face of a paying customer.

DarkFall, too hardcore for patch notes.
PS: It’s actually a nice change of pace not having patch notes, leaves more to discover every patch. Plus spares us all the “zomg you nerfed me” crap.

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8 Responses to Quick DarkFall funny

  1. Jaskip says:

    While I agree that in general no patch notes is actually pretty fun. For things like global nodes it was really interesting to see everyone discover it. But for things like sieges, for someone who spent quite a bit of time involved in a siege only to find out we could not damage their clanstone, they really need to let us know when they fix it. Declaring a siege is not cheap and people will not be doing it until they know for sure, the clanstone can be damaged.

  2. Tipa says:

    Whoa, someone actually said “‘X’ is a slap in the face to the paying customer?”

    That’s SO FUNNY!

    Those kind of people crack me up. Seriously.

  3. pixiestyx says:

    didnt take much digging to find them …. 3 minutes at tops. Did not know drama queens were so hardcore he eh

    Here are the latest patch notes from Kjetil:
    • Clan Vault permissions have been updated so privates can no longer view the contents.
    • Clan Smithy now has more craftable options enabled.
    • More craftable warhulks have been added.
    • Stationary Cannon damage output has been increased. Fixes problem some players were facing when cannons wouldn’t do proper damage during sieges.
    • Siege hammer damage on clan stones has been increased.
    • Warhulk weapon damage has been enhanced.
    • Ship cannon damage has been increased
    • Guard towers can no longer be blocked/parried
    • All widescreen formats are now fully supported
    • Bowyer Mastery can now be bought from the blacksmiths
    • Vendors now sell more items including repair tools
    • Server lag issues are fixed.

  4. Jaskip says:

    Those are the first patch notes posted in awhile.

  5. Beau says:

    Dude, where are your screenies? Am I missing em somewhere? I wanna’ see more stuff.

    I am still waiting for at least a month or two for the game to simma down nah.


  6. syncaine says:

    Screen shots? When did I promise screen shots?

    As for waiting, I think the best bet (if you are going to wait, honestly the game is more than error free right now to play) is to wait for the NA server to open. No date on when that will be, but it will open before EU-2 opens. They are most likely going to allow naked character transfers though.

  7. @ syncaine
    Do you have a source for that NA server info? Curious because half of my guild is waiting for NA before they start playing.

    I don’t see what the difference is really. EU-1 might end up being the most active/competive server anyway.

  8. syncaine says:

    Not public I don’t, no. Should be ‘soon’ though.

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