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DarkFall: NA-1 Server

For anyone interested in but not currently playing DarkFall, the number one question/statement is about the upcoming (‘soon’) NA-1 server. People are waiting to buy the game when that server is release, or are holding off digging deeper into DF … Continue reading

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DarkFall Navy, and some organized failure.

Another entertaining weekend of DarkFall is in the books for me, and also the rest of the server.  Personally I was part of a botched but still interesting alliance event, and the server saw it’s most notable use of naval … Continue reading

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I died, DarkFall sucks, I quit!

Last night I got rocked in DarkFall. I mean flat out worked over. I will now /ragequit and take my guild with me; I did not want to play that game anyway! I logged in, noticed that the latest patch … Continue reading

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Blizzard table scraps, L2P DarkFall, and the 3rd WAR faction

Lately I’ve found a few amusing things around the various blogs/forums I read, and now seems like a good time to go over a few things. The first is the general hope by so many that the secret MMO Blizzard … Continue reading

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Why I game.

This post is going to be a little self-analysis about why I play MMOs, how I play then, and what keeps me going. For readers who have been around for a bit, you can probably guess some of the stuff … Continue reading

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DarkFall burnout: The players or the game?

While I’m still having a blast in DarkFall (our recent ‘pirate’ adventure on four rafts was hilarious), I’ve been reading some forum posts (I know…) about certain players feeling meh about the game now. According to the post, part of … Continue reading

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Bounty Hunter: The perfect class for solo players?

The concept of a mercenary guild or individual bounty hunter has always interested MMO fans. The idea of taking contracts from the highest bidder, hunting down a target, and returning to collect your reward is something many fans dream about … Continue reading

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