WAR LotD: New RvR zone launches, RvR left off the invite list.

LotD officially launched yesterday in Warhammer Online, just not fully. Only the event-winning side had access for the first 24 hours, and the new dungeon was closed, leaving everyone to try out the various PQs and lair bosses.

The good news is the new PQs are interesting, with some nice variety if not overall challenge (hard to judge difficulty though, since we were running around in our LV-clearing group, so we are certainly not the target audience), the whole zone looks great, and the layout is both easy to navigate and could lead to some good RvR. The two lairs I saw were interesting as well, with one boss favoring ranged DPS too heavily for us, while the other we had no issue with. Don’t forget to jump in the water and get your buff!

The bad news is that Mythic launched a new RvR zone and prevented RvR from happening, since only one side had first day access. I understand why, and it WAS nice to run around uncontested seeing everything for the first time, but maybe that ‘first impression’ would have been that much better if we had actually been able to see the place in its intended, contested state. Still, it’s only a day, and I think for most just seeing new content and trying to figure it out made the lack of RvR acceptable. I also think the zone could lead to some very interesting RvR encounters due to its design and how the access mechanic works. Tonight should be interesting.

LotD does not address the core issue with WAR, that population balance more than anything influences who ‘wins’, but it does look like a nice diversion until that 3rd faction is added, and with the limited access restriction mechanic in place, perhaps population imbalance won’t be AS noticeable. It’s a bandaid rather than a cure, but perhaps one that will do its job until the cure is finally added.

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  1. ravious says:

    Is a third faction really being considered? Or is this pipedreaming?

  2. syncaine says:

    It’s the only real fix to the biggest issue, and everything is lined up perfectly for it’s addition. Rather than tack on 10 more levels like a normal expansion, how much better would everyone feel about an expansion that not only fixes the games biggest issue, but also gives everyone, veterans and new players alike, a new and fresh 1-40 experience (PvE, PQs, a dungeon or two, and of course RvR vs Destro and Order)

    In other words, when (not if) they announce the first expansion, and it’s NOT based around a 3rd faction, I’ll be shocked. Why bother working on anything else when you have this giant problem with a clear solution staring you in the face every single day?

    • Zensun says:

      I prefer a suggestion I’ve read from (iirc) Nazgum’s blog: make each race a separate faction. Sure, there’d be some things to work out (flightpaths and warcamps and cities), but I hope that’s where Cryptic is heading. Might even bring me back! I’m too bored with the constant flipping.

  3. Slurms says:

    I thought I saw a video at one point with one of the developers stating that there’s no way that they’ll put in a 3rd faction. He said the game just wasnt made with a 3rd one in mind yadda yadda.

    I hope they DO add a 3rd, somehow.

    My biggest reason for leaving though was the performance issues. I’m not on a nasa computer, but being able to run almost every other game on the market as smooth as I do and have WAR run like crap was just too frustrating. I’ll revisit the game if the performance gets better, and if T4 gets re-evaluated.

    • syncaine says:

      They also designed the game without keeps in RvR lakes until the 11th hour, and how’s that working out? That they wanted to leave out a third faction to separate WAR from DAoC is cute, but they have long since admitted making DAoC 2.0 would not be such a bad thing, and that’s the direction WAR is currently headed.

      As for performance, it depends when you left, as some of the patches have improved performance greatly. Still not perfect, but much better than the first month or so.

  4. Werit says:

    There was a ton of RvR in the old world in Badlands during the city defense :)

  5. Saylah says:

    I might even go back for that one. IF they reconsider how they’ve sub-divided the content all over the place which makes finding groups to do content spotty. That might however, have already resolved itself if players are all concentrated in LOTD leveling, leaving the rest of the world dead but whatever, if I don’t have to fly all over the place looking for people to PQ with when I want to do the PVE content versus Scenarios and PVP/RVR.

  6. Snarky McJigg says:

    Today it was announced that Mark Jacobs is leaving Mythic (As per why not much is known yet but there are guesses), and that EA will be grouping Mythic and Bioware together.

    How do you think this could affect the game?

  7. heartless_ says:

    Oh, I thought RvR was long gone before this :P RvE there was a’plenty though.

  8. coppertopper says:

    “but it does look like a nice diversion until that 3rd faction is added,…”

    If population issues plague the game now, how bad will it be with a 3rd faction? It was always an issue in DAOC, and as fun as the idea sounds, there will always be a vastly underpopulated 3rd faction that will merely be a speed bump for the other 2 realms. The only way a 3rd faction would work is if it was an NPC race used to balance the other 2 realms.

    There are so many other things that could be done to make the core game better – a single RvR zone for tier 1 and 2, destructable keeps, craftable siege gear, moveable siege gear, double the exp from quests, PvE in RvR zones….heck just make it into DAOC 2. DAOC still has the best ORvR experience of any MMO.

  9. syncaine says:

    Unless a side is HORRIBLY underpopulated (far far worse than any current side in WAR), population is less of a factor with 3 sides, as you get into 2v1 situations and it’s not always ‘us vs them’. It DID work in DAoC, and it would work in WAR.

    All the other little stuff like crafting and the PvE rate don’t not matter if they can’t solve the basic problem of population balance.

  10. Coppertopper says:

    I guess what I am trying to suggest is fix the game first. Then introduce cool stuff.

  11. syncaine says:

    And my point is a 3rd faction is the fix, while everything else would just be adding more stuff. Destructible keeps, more/less quest XP, movable siege engines, all of that won’t matter when Order has 2x the attackers and the only ones they are fighting is Destro.

  12. Einherjer says:

    Regarding the Mythic/Bioware merge i fear the worst. They will probably put WAR in the backburner and allocate all of the resources to TOR. But backburner is still better than cancellation…

    Also in Darkfall most european players now fear that with the US-1 opening, EU-1 will be empty…

    Not a good year for my MMO’s…….

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