What clearing your HD tells you about the state of gaming

My main gaming PC was in need of a purge (and it looks like I’m not the only one with that idea), and so on Friday I did a hard drive wipe and a fresh install of Vista (which is all one-click easy thanks to Alien Respawn). It’s funny how many of the things previously on the drive are found as ‘must haves’ once the install is complete. Xfire and Ventrilo were up first, followed by DarkFall. It took two days before I installed Warhammer Online, and that games time might be coming to an end. I still need to install Blood Bowl, but once that’s done I think I’m all set.

I would say 2009 is looking like a sad year for gaming, but between DarkFall literally being more fun each day (and especially each patch), and Blood Bowl being the perfect tactical game on the side, I’m not exactly lacking for things to fill my gaming time with, nor do I see that changing anytime soon. I do wish WAR was better (or just good enough to keep more CoWs playing nightly, as I don’t really have any major issue with it myself), and nothing new in the MMO space looks interesting (CO I have zero interest in, WoW as a girl (Aion) I’m all set on, and other games are too far off to really think about). Dragon Age is coming soon, which should be a great solo RPG to spend some time with, and eventually Blizzard will release StarCraft 2 and bring be back into the RTS genre, so it’s not like there is NOTHING on the gaming horizon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘HDD’, would be the correct term.

  2. coppertopper says:

    I keep reading the blogs about cleaning off the hard drive and decided, instead of removing stuff, to just focus on 1 MMO and 1 lengthy single player game. So Aion and Sacred 2 are it. For $20 (Gamestop or Target) that game really is fantastic. The art style is incredible, and the customization of your abilities are deep for a Diablo-like game. Hell border line confusing to be honest. But the loot comes fast and furious, and that art style…its really an under appreciated game.

  3. Bonedead says:

    I’m lucky I guess. I want to fight people I get on WoW, log in my freshly 80 Warlock, queue up for AV and seconds later I’m off kickin ass. If I want something different, I log out, log in an alt tank class or rogue, queue up for WSG and wtfrape some more people. Talk about convenient.

    Is SC2 still planning on having no lan capabilities?

    • syncaine says:

      That’s actually why DF killed WAR for me. I log out of DF after a huge rush from PvP, and then playing WAR is like watching paint dry in comparison. The whole die/respawn mechanic is terrible in PvP once you see the other side, and it’s just hard to really care.

      No lan for SC2, but who needs lan in 2009 when everyone has broadband and b.net?

      • heartless_ says:

        LAN is far superior to Internet play when available. Sure, LAN play is a minority these days, but Starcraft was carried by the LAN parties and Internet cafes. It would be a disservice to the community if Blizzard drops LAN support.

        Honestly, it sounds like they are dropping LAN simply to force you to b.net all the time, which is a chump move in my book.

      • syncaine says:

        It is, but because b.net will now be a source of revenue rather than a bonus that comes with your $50 box, the bean counters need to force everyone online. One of many side ‘bonuses’ of the Activision merger.

      • sid67 says:

        I used to play a lot of FPS games and my favorite (of all time) was Starsiege: Tribes. I played competitively and I think what I enjoyed most was that the goals were objective based.

        In an MMO setting, these would really have been considered like a scenario or battleground. But while it “kinda” works in an MMO, it really works well in a FPS because everyone starts “equal” and the playing field is leveled by skill, tactics and knowledge of the map.

        A game like Counterstrike is pretty similar in that skill, tactics and map knowledge are central to success.

        The most notable difference, however, is that CS was dead = dead for the remaining session. Which was just fucking boring if two guys kept hiding and trying to snipe each other.

        So as I see it, the problem isn’t necessarily with the die/respawn mechanic. The problem is there is no EQUALIZER. When I died in Tribes, I started again with spawn gear. When I die in most MMOs, I respawn with my studly gear.

        Which is pretty lame when it takes 2-3 people to kill one uber geared player.

      • Bonedead says:

        Yeah, personally I couldn’t imagine playing any other game while being subbed to DF. For me the game required a lot of my attention and time. But personally, WAR didn’t ever do that much for me. It was a little mysterious at first but now it feels like I’ve done all I’d want to and I don’t think I got beyond level 30. If anything I’d try out the new classes, maybe into Tier 2, but I would stop and I know that, so why even do it ya know.

        BTW play WoW :D Raidings for figors and PvP is never an intolerable grind!

  4. Anjin says:

    While the quality of new games has not impressed, I think it is pretty cool that there are a couple games we can each dig into deeply to satisfy our gaming needs. I actually prefer that to the constant churn of new games.

    • syncaine says:

      Absolutely. Unless you are really focused, even a good MMO can be just decent if you are not giving it the ‘required’ time to get into it and develop the kind of social structure needed.

      That’s why right now I’m a very happy MMO gamer. I have a great game (DF) that I’m 100% focused on, it’s being updated like crazy not just with bug fixes but new content (content that is, in some ways, totally new to the genre, not just one game), and I have a good side game that fills a totally different need. Once Dragon Age is out it will cut into my BB time, but that’s perfectly fine as both games are not ones you NEED to play consistently.

  5. Bhagpuss says:

    Clearing out your hard drive seems to me like throwing away all your books or records. (Yes, showing my age – I do have non-digital artifacts).

    If my C drive gets a bit chokka I just move stuff off to a USB drive. Generally I tend to keep about three copies of anything I like anyway, on an internal drive, a portable drive and the laptop.

    I understand why we need to keep the main drive relatively clean, but not sure why that means deleting anything.

    • syncaine says:

      Aside from the fact that a clean install fixes some minor nagging issues that can occur from over-patching something, it’s also a quick and easy way to remove all the different temp files and other junk that does not get removed when you uninstall anything.

      My main comp takes about 5 seconds to boot Vista when it’s clean. When that boot time goes to 10+, it’s time for a wipe. Same with games, WAR should run at 60fps at all times, when it drops to 30fps it’s time to clean it. It’s just all easier than offloading and fixing things piecemeal, especially when all I need installed is a few programs and 2-3 games. All of it takes 3-4 hours.

  6. Funny, cause I was just mulling over removing some old MMORPGs from my HD. I find MMORPGs a real pain to re-install so I tend to hang onto them for a donkey’s age.

    BTW how do you find your Alien PC? Decent? Was considering getting one myself.

    • syncaine says:

      I love my Alienware. Sure you pay more if you just do a straight parts comparison using something like newegg, but between how easy it is to reinstall the system (which loads all your drivers and system pre-sets as well. I got my G15 keyboard and mouse with the comp, and those drivers get loaded along with the system all in one click, with zero trail ware or any other annoying stuff), the fact that it’s so well built and stays amazingly cool/quiet, and knowing that if online P2P support fails they send someone to your house to fix the issue, it’s well worth it if you have the money. That the case looks great is gravy of course.

  7. I did the same thing, minus the complete format. 2009 personally was very lackluster. I had fun in some games but none of them really held my interest as long as you would hope.

    Aion should be fun but in a WoW-esque sort of way for the first 25 levels. Whether or not that game is worth it to you really depends on how much you loathe PvE. The game could really benefit from introducing some form of PvP earlier on and let people gain experience from it as an alternative.

    Champions I’m meh on. There’s no way I’m spending $50 on that type of game when Dragon Age is so close at hand. Maybe when they roll out a trial but I’d wager they’ll remain too niche for the mass market… unless they actually follow through on a console version.

  8. David says:

    Yea I miss mmos where you were forced to group like in eq, At eq’s prime it was easy to get groups. It made you get to know the people you grouped with. I just got out of aion and its another WoW where you solo to upper levels then raid all the time, how boring. I guess too many casual players ruined all the hardcore mmoing. Mass Multiplay Online Role Playing Game. Now its MOSRPG massive online soloing role playing game. Maybe startrek online will be something different.

  9. Paragus says:

    I think you should swap out your Warhammer account for an Aion one. Aion surpasses Warhammer online in almost every way: graphics, performance, sound, content, combat responsiveness, crafting…and you could play with us on the off hours ;)

    • syncaine says:

      Problem with Aion is I would level slow since it would be my second game, which means after the first day you would all out-level me, and since you can’t PvP till 25 (and from what I’ve read, at 25 you’re next to useless), that’s 25+ levels of PvE hell just to get to something that might be WAR. At least in WAR I can PvP with people within 10 levels starting on day one, and level the entire way through RvR and scenarios.

      Plus the whole anime girly-males art style is not my thing, especially compared to what WAR does.

      I’m just hoping you guys burn out on the PvE grind around the time transfers are up in DF and get back to that. I know some of you feel burned by the whole EU/US rebuy thing, but you are really missing out on some great gameplay.

      • Anne says:

        From what I know, one if not most level up with at least a mix of PVE and PVP, if anything 1-25 is the most painful since those are the pure-PVE-linear experience. Ganking and such may get annoying while leveling, cannot really say since I haven’t really played the game.

        Character customisation is meh TBH and it does give off that anime type feel (the gear anyway). Pretty much all of the normal looking faces end up within the same 2-4 basic facial styles anyway. Most everyday faces are not creatable including most good-looking ones, even most Asian/Korean faces it cannot do well. A part from the environment (the background, the art style) WAR didn’t look any better, choppy animations FTL. (and I play enough FPS games where everything looks annoyingly gritty, not to say I didn’t like WAR’s dark-style in terms of its lore, etc)

        Anyway, it is highly latency dependent and hence pretty much unplayable endgame for myself (living in Australia). Guessing this is because it was made in Korea where they have zero distance issues.

        Seems like I got it for free anyway, requested a refund from Steam, they gave it to me and my NCSoft account still says I have it active.

        To add, ironic that WAR’s PVP is best at low levels, no? So I wouldn’t state stuff like, ‘WAR I can PvP with people within 10 levels starting on day one’, SINCE WAR’s PVP only got worse after the first tier. The first tier or two was pretty much one of the only good aspects that WAR actually got right. Again, can’t believe you actually used that example, that is laughable.

      • syncaine says:

        I actually like T3 a lot in WAR. You have mounts, more character options thanks to the mastery trees, the keeps are bigger, but you don’t have all of the overpowered rank 4 moral skills or longer CC abilities (which are changing next patch anyway). T4 is indeed a mess, and while it’s been improved greatly since launch, it’s still not something to look forward to and log in for.

  10. Mikejl says:

    Got Blood Bowl (it’s on the way) Hope it has stay power.

    “Stay power” is a game that has a long shelf life. For me; MMOs, and games like Civ 4, Battlefield 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire).

    I miss the Warhammer universe however enjoy the PvE in WoW more then WAR. Hope Blood Bowl will quench my Greenskin thirst.


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