Personal and global DarkFall update

I have a feeling the action in Agon will be picking up sometime soon. Since the release of CtS, siege action has been light as everyone tests all of the new options and gets re-familiar with everything, both from a personal character specialization perspective and the new requirements for an actual siege. Like the death of bloodwalls in the previous expansion, I think CtS will be the death of ‘siege for kicks’ gameplay, and every siege going forward is going to be a well-calculated move that is going to be bigger and more involved than before.

With cannon damage being increased, we have already seen coastal cities attacked from the sea, mostly in ‘test’ runs as clans/alliances see exactly what can be done with the newly revamped toys, and tests are done to determine exactly what can be done with each ship type. With a greater emphasis on city destruction, and the inability for siege hammers to fill this role, the need for greater and more expensive weapons (cannons, warhulks) is currently high. A quick scan of the Trade channel shows that many factions are trying to gather as much rare ore and other building materials as possible, and the overall price of goods like wood, ore, and even steedgrass has increased significantly.

Also in this whole ‘relearning’ process is the rebalance of mob farming value. Previously ‘low value’ mobs might now be top-notch spawns, while the value of others may have reversed. For example, VAMP has a Dark Dragon spawn near Mehatil on Yssam, and prior to CtS the spawn was considered of low value due to the effort/reward ratio. With the CtS mob rebalance, that same spawn is now a very profitable spot for a group of four. The dragon is still dangerous, and takes some effort to kill, and has about a 45 minute respawn timer, but now his reward is great enough to justify the effort in gathering a small group and killing him. Same story for the Red Dragon that now flies around Yssam as well, although the rules around that mob are a little different given his 24 hour respawn timer and much higher difficulty level.

For me personally two mobs have become great sources of income. Geared up with a high-ranked one-hander and a battlehorn, a short trip east from Mehatil takes me to a solo Oak Lord spawn, with a Selentine Golem spawn in close proximity. Thanks to the battlehorn’s increased hitpoints, I’m able to mount-kill both mobs before they kill my mount (the Selentine Golem comes close sometimes), and both have interesting loot tables. The Oak Lord drops/skins for timber, wood, quartz, steedgrass, along with herbs and such. The Selentine Golem, as expected, drops/skins for selentine ore. In the time it usually takes me to kill a mob, loot/skin it, and heal my mount, the other spawn is back up and ready. It’s a nice break from ground-farming wildtribe or elementals, and also gives me some time to skill-up my one-handed axe skill.

The Selentine Golem in particular is of high value because selentine ore is needed to craft Full Plate armor. The other requirement is to have your armorsmith skill at 100, and then to purchase master armorsmith. I’m currently at 97 armorsmithing after burning through every last bit of wood and iron last night, but some mining/logging should get me to 100 in the next day or two. The bonus of all that crafting is I now have a few full sets of post-patch (higher magic resistance) plate/scale to either use myself or sell. Once I hit 100 I plan to make myself a full set of Full Plate to use for farming thanks to the Selentine Golem (which I no doubt will lose the first time out to some PKs).

Just to put things into perspective, the Selentine Golem usually drops one piece of selentine ore, and on a successful skinning can give a second piece. Two selentine ore can be smelted into a selentine ingot (assuming you don’t fail at smelting, because if you do it eats a selentine ore). Each piece of Full Plate requires a good amount of gold, iron, leather, and one selentine ingot, with the chest requiring three (I believe, it might only be two). So yes, a full set of Full Plate is a hefty investment, but assuming I don’t lose it to PKs, it’s durability will be high enough to withstand a good amount of farming, and once it’s durability gets low it will be converted into a PvP set, one that will make surviving on the battlefield a little easier.

Between personal goals and the upcoming storm that will be ships and warhulks, there is a lot to look forward to for me in DarkFall. I think my next goal after completing the Full Plate armor will be to save up enough money to try and buy a house at some village. Currently the drop rate is still very low, and prices are still rather high (I believe just a cottage still goes for 50k or so), but I’m hoping either the drop rate is increased or demand subsides. Of course once I have a house, and assuming its location is decent enough, I’ll have to try and find/buy a player vendor, another item which is incredibly rare at the moment.

(DarkFall-related post disclaimer/reminder. If you click the image link near the top-right of this page and buy a DarkFall account, I get paid 20% of the client cost. If you believe this taints my views and reporting on DarkFall, your opinion is wrong.)

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11 Responses to Personal and global DarkFall update

  1. Draglem says:

    So, quick summary: Nothing happened, nothing happened, nothing happened, it’s over.

    Looks like I just lost a buck, TO MYSELF!

    No guild related events occurred this weekend?

    • SynCaine says:

      Haha, oh it’s not over, if anything the weekend was just stage one.

      Clan stuff happened, some of it semi-secret, some of it (Angfrost siege) I was not around to witness personally but I guess VAMP/NEM dominated. Other stuff (wiping any group that came to Meh) is not really worth talking about in general, as nothing of significance really happened. People came, we quickly organized, they died. That’s more or less what happens anytime a group of 4+ enters our cities, so unless there was some particularly interesting bit to the attack (some new tactic, something surprising/amusing), I don’t tend to mention it.

      • Damage Inc says:

        Hate to burst your bubble but TCA won Angfrost and it’s now under Blood ownership.

        • SynCaine says:

          What bubble?

          VAMP was neutral at the fight, and wiped both the attacking and defending sides when encountered. From what I gather from the forums, they killed everyone at the siege stone, which allowed those attacking the clan stone to take it down. The winner of the fight was unimportant to us, just showing up for some PvP was the goal, and that goal was accomplished.

    • Draglem says:

      How many holdings is your guild up to, and have they (you) progressed on seafaring? Maybe a little ship on ship fights.

      I feel like a dentist, but without the patients.

      • SynCaine says:

        See a previous post about the Sea Fortress about ships, and we (VAMP) have three holdings. Not sure how many NEM has.

  2. willee says:

    I’m probably in the minority here, but for me to get engrossed in a mmorpg “world”…i just need to know that the world has the potential for some pretty awesome stuff…but i don’t necessarily have to take part in it.

    that probably sounds strange.

    I just need to know that there is a possibility i could get swept up in some pretty cool “geo-political” happenings, or maybe even lesser group or solo conflict, or at least need to know that that kind of stuff is going on somewhere in the world i’m traveling through. As long as it is going on somewhere, i’m happy. i don’t ever have to see or be a part of all the content…and in fact when i can see all the content that really takes away from the mystery of the world i’m playing in (one of the many reasons i hate themepark games). I’d much rather just be aware of some pretty cool things happening and realize i could be a part of it next week or next month or maybe even never…as opposed to feeling like the designer are obliged to make sure all the content is accessible for me which in turn really destroys the “mystery” of the world i’m playing in.

    Not sure that makes sense. I’m just glad games are still being made to cater to people like me…

    • SynCaine says:

      In other words, it’s fun to have stuff happening in a virtual world without you having to always push for it to happen. And yea, I agree.

      While it sucks to miss a siege or some major event, at the same time it’s cool that power is always shifting, and that day to day the world is ‘different’ based on player behavior/action.

  3. Mordiceius says:

    So it seems a lot of people are declaring war on NEW lately. Some guildmates were saying that some people have been hiding in NEW and using it as a safe haven.

  4. Tethil says:

    Syncaine, what about the political scope? If I can suggest anything, a post outlining the politics of your server with some maps maybe to clear up the view and spice things up would be very much appreciated (at least by me :>).

    This is interesting stuff, politics, isn’t it?

    • SynCaine says:

      It’s very interesting, but outside of the political map (which is inaccurate due to being outdated and also ninja-edited) is very difficult to keep up with politics in DarkFall. Just too many moving parts, too much daily change, and too much ‘gray area’ when it comes to alliances, friends, and enemies.

      The only thing I know for certain right now is that VAMP and NEM are allied, and we are at war with everyone else. How other alliances feel about each other is not truly known outside of each alliances top leadership.

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