Massive update about Darkfall

Tasos put out a very lengthy update on Darkfall’s upcoming plans, basically covering what is coming in the next expansion along with some of the other additions currently in the works. It’s a great read filled with a ton of info that will hopefully satisfy ForumFall for, oh, at least a few hours. Hopefully next week or soon after Aventurine can confirm what exactly is coming sooner rather than later, but overall the next expansion will bring a lot more to the table than I believe most expected.

I won’t break down the update piece by piece, but some of the highlights for me include archers getting weapons and ammo beyond bows and arrows, improved clan functionality, and the continued expansion of crafting and customization.

I would imagine the archery additions include a crossbow, which in Darkfall’s combat engine would be interesting, assuming it’s a more straight-shooting weapon with a longer cooldown but higher damage. Coordinated x-bow assaults would be very interesting? I can also already picture a bear cavalry charge going down to musket fire. Then of course we might get things like poison, blind, or exploding arrows, which will not only expand crafting but also give archers more options similar to mages.

Improved clan functionality should really open things up and separate the great leaders from your average joe clans, as well as increase political options and give that whole area more in-game support. Player actions are what drive a game like Darkfall, and the more tools influential individuals have, the more ‘content’ they can create for everyone else. With more options, perhaps things like merchant clans, crafter clans, and more PvE-focused clans will catch on and really have the tools they need to support themselves, because while Darkfall will always be a PvP-focused MMO first, the groundwork is there for it to be many other things to a wide variety of players.

Finally, the improvements to crafting should not only give the economy a boost, but make crafter-focused character more than just clan mules to pump out goods when needed. This goes hand-in-hand with expanded customization, assuming this happens at the crafter level. Smart clan leaders will coordinate siege bags to help better identify their members in a melee, or to assume the ‘uniform’ of the enemy to perhaps give scouts one additional trick to their trade. Regardless, the addition of such customization goes deeper than simply being able to dye your armor black because it looks ‘leet’, and as always the players will come up with unexpected and creative uses when given more open-ended tools (the current use of shrapnel and stormblast as movement spells for example).

Hopefully the delayed ‘Summer’ expansion stays on track now and is delivered shortly, which will give Darkfall a much-needed boost to cure the slowdown that the summer months always bring to an MMO. And more importantly, hopefully the massive update following this expansion does not hit similar snags and arrives without too many delays. That expansion should really flesh out or ‘complete’ some of the core systems currently in Darkfall, as well as set the game down a solid path to becoming a truly multifaceted virtual world.

Chuck-o-the-day: Chuck Norris doesn’t need to cut his grass, he just stands on his porch and dares it to grow.

(DarkFall-related post disclaimer/reminder. If you click the image link near the top-right of this page and buy a DarkFall account, I get paid 20% of the client cost. If you believe this taints my views and reporting on DarkFall, your opinion is wrong.)

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4 Responses to Massive update about Darkfall

  1. Jordan says:

    Le sigh…if only i had time to play this game. Hopefully the wife will start traveling for work again ;)

    Definitely keeping on eye on it though for potential play in the future. Intrigued by the upcoming expansions/fixes. DF 2010 could be huge from the sound of it. Seems they are working on a few of the items that bothered me about the game including specialization (or lack thereof) and beefing up the PvE and making the world “come alive” a little more.

    Would love it if they eventually got rid of bunny hopping though although i doubt it ever happens. Seems like a small item but was one of the few things that I strongly disliked. Immersion-breaking, and just plain stupid-looking and unrealistic…if anything can be considered “unrealistic” in a fantasy mmorpg.

    Other than that, love the promise this game continues to show and how active the devs seem to be to keep improving the game.

  2. Hollowman says:

    Did you see any of these while you visited their office ? e.g other arrow types , crossbows etc.

    • SynCaine says:

      Not directly, no, but I did talk to a few of the guys about the general concept of having items like this: stuff that gets used up and needs to be crafted again.

  3. Milo SanDiego, Ca says:

    Would be great to see things like blunt, slashing and elemental arrows for Pve hunting and PvP variety. Crossbows would be nice.. but other than a little mroe damage and less speed dont see a real advantage to them
    The prestige classes for archery and melee giving them more options in combat will be welcome as currently playing magkiller/indestructible has little variety to it.
    All in all an epic game and all the updates have only made it better.

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