Blood Bowl: Final day of week 1!

Blood Bowl League Update: Week one has been extended until Thursday, November 18, 2010, Midnight EST. Two games have not been played as of last night, so get them in!

Did I mention Nuffle is a bastard? Oh I did? Well, he struck again last night, in eerily similar fashion. My first game of the IHCBBL (our league) featured my High Elf team against Lizardmen, and it began much like my Humans vs Lizards match: three quick injuries inflicted and the match looking like it was going to be a slaughter. And much like before, while my armor/injury dice were high, my ‘pick the goddamn ball up’ dice ranged from 1 to 1. Insult to injury here because I’m now playing elves, who all have 4 agi.

Now granted, once I saw the injuries pile up I got a little cocky and tried to max out SPP gain, which ended up costing me an 8th turn TD and sent us to halftime 0-0. Still, up three players to start the second half, I thought I could score at will. It’s hard to score when you can’t pick the ball up kids. One further injury was inflicted, but one of my Catchers got KO’ed, something he failed to recover from for the rest of the game.

The final score was 2-1 Lizards, and my only TD came on turn 16.

But as losses go, this one turned out about as well as a loss can go. Three injuries inflicted means 6 SPP (one injury came from a sideline, so no SPP for that), a score is another 3, and the 4 agi elves completed one pass (+1 SPP). The MVP went to the Catcher who scored the TD, so he now sits at 8 SPP and will move up a level once week one ends. To top it all off, I received 50k in earnings, a very high amount for the losing team, and this will allow me to buy an Apothecary for the team.

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  1. Vodun says:

    Sounds like them leezards are your poison.

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