Perpetuum Review (EG style)

EVE – spaceships + robots = Perpetuum.

Normally people write the above as a joke because something within the game is sorta like something from another game. Not the case here. At all. The above is fact.

I’m 100% serious.

For realz.

Actually I only played for like 10 minutes (so about 4 minutes longer than EG would require), and in that time hit randomized until my guys face finally get to something super-emo looking (like in EVE, there are about a million sliders and such to tweak, if you’re into that), picked a whole bunch of schools and Corps that do stuff I have no clue about (I think I’m good at blowing stuff up, with lasers?), and got five steps into the tutorial before getting stuck/lost and with no easy way to progress it further.

That last bit needs a little explanation.

Shortly after the movement and camera instructions (wasd and such), you are to find a Probe to shoot at. You find said Probe by opening up a local targets list, which in true EVE style, was about 200 ‘things’ long (this all happens in a space with other players), and it was constantly updating and changing, never really stayed on whatever you were looking at, even if you had it selected. Then there is the fact that in your starting location, you have NPCs called “Probe”, but the tutorial wants you to walk over to something called a “Dev Probe” (I think, name might not be exactly that). The “how to fire lasers” step is, I think, next, but my only option with the instructions was to go back until I was within range of the Dev Probe. The normal Probes shot at me if I got close, though they did not seem to do much damage (again, I think, as I have yet to figure out where my stats are).

I had to play a Blood Bowl match shortly after I finally got the list to Dev Probe and started walking towards him. You have the same “go to” command as in EVE, but sadly since, you know, Perpetuum is on the ground, stuff like buildings kinda get in the way, and your Mech gets stuck on them. Oops.

On the plus side the graphics look good once you max them out, and the entire download was quick and easy. No issues with the install or account creation, and the game loaded up quickly and did not crash in the 10 minutes or so that I had it up.

Definitely going to give this some more time over the weekend.

3/10 (EG scale remember)

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15 Responses to Perpetuum Review (EG style)

  1. Frosth says:

    Me luv you long time.

  2. Mig says:

    The Early Access launch was yesterday. Overall it was smooth when I played, but from in-game reports it seemed like there was under 1K players at all times so it was not exactly overloading the servers. If you are at all familiar with Eve you can skip those initial control tutorials and start the tutorial assignments which you pick up inside the station you spawned at.

  3. Mala says:

    I played this in beta a while back and it felt just too derivative of EVE. Not that is a bad thing in and of itself, I’d rather have more EVE clones than WoW clones, but I literally couldn’t come up with a reason to play this instead of EVE, so thats what I did.

    • Shadow says:

      Kind of my same sentiment. It seems interesting, but as derivative as this game it, EVE has been refining the original for a long time. The biggest appeal of Perpetumm will be for people who want to play an EVE-like game, but want to get in on the ground floor.

  4. Ferdinand says:

    Well this is odd. My WordPress dashboard is showing that there is an incoming link from this page (my first), but for the life of me I cannot find it.

    To contribute to the topic at hand, I think it was foolish of Perpetuum’s developers to emulate an already “niche” game like EVE so closely. The market for a free-for-all “meaningful PvP” MMO with a player-owned economy and a UI that was designed in the late 90s is limited, much as I might wish otherwise. Trying to split that market still further was awfully short-sighted.

  5. mbp says:

    I haven’t the time or the energy to try a new mmorpg at this stage but I am surprised nobody has tried to out-EVE before. EVE suffers from the great weakness that there is no way that a new player can hope to catch up with established veterans. Some of us couldn’t care less about that but an awful lot of folks do. A new game offers them the chance to be a big fish in a small but growing pool rather than a very small fish in EVE’s enormous pool.

    • Amalec says:

      This is true but largely irrelevant. With EVE’s system, you can be the best you can possibly be in your internet spaceship of choice within a month or two. From there, you just get more and more variety as you get maxed out in more ships, but you won’t get better in a particular ship. A guy who’s been playing for 5 years won’t be any better than you are because there is no ‘best’ ship. Different ships fill different roles.

      • Dblade says:

        It takes more than a month or two. Try 3-6 months for the new player unless he knows exactly what ship he wants to fly before playing the game. Usually people who talk about it taking a month are vets that forget about how long it takes just to max learning skills, get 4s and 5s in the basic skills needed to fit ships decently and operate them, and get your specific ship trained to a decent level.

        The catching up argument is irrelevant, for the reasons you give, but I wish people wouldn’t softpedal how long it takes to for a newbie to get decent at a BC or small T2 ship. You can unlock them easily, but they will be expensive losses until you spend months getting a decent level of support skills on them.

  6. Felcon says:

    @mbp … I dont agree with you. From a skill point perspective you are right as there is no way anyone can catch up. BUT! from a game play perspective your wrong, a player can be effective from 15-20million SP… EvE has alot of specilisation but if new players specialise they become effective in that role very quickly. Players who have high SP like myself 101million sp .. have specilised in more fields and have tactical diversity on the field. So if i go up against a 20mil player in a Hack(Heavy Assault Ship) … and we both fly the same class ..its a Even Match providing is specialised in Medium T2/3 Chip classes…sory for the spelling

  7. Isey says:

    The only thing tar has stopped me from Eve is having to login every 24 hours to Que up skills. I play sporadically and dislike that part of the system.

    I heard Perp does it a bit better – you accumulate skill points while in game or out – and can then spend those points when you are ready – not continually skill ‘losses’ for not logging in.

  8. Bronte says:

    100% agree. It feels, plays and even LOOKS like early EvE. Look at the information icons in item windows, they replicate the EvE information icons.

    I am not saying it is a bad thing. Just that… it is starkly similar. I remember last year Alganon got a LOT of flak for being an utter WoW rip-off. While this isn’t as blatant and seems genuinely designed from the ground up, it still goes to show that a good idea, even if ripped from somewhere else, has the potential to work.

  9. GC says:

    “EVE – spaceships + robots = Perpetuum.

    Normally people write the above as a joke because something within the game is sorta like something from another game. Not the case here. At all. The above is fact.

    I’m 100% serious.

    For realz.”

    Oh, okay. So what you are saying is that you fly around in space with robots.

    Or maybe I should just write your comparison off as a joke and not fact at all.

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