Bobby Kotick knows gaming!

Bobby Kotick is amazing.

Every single time he is quoted, I hate him just a little bit more, and at current hate levels, that’s impressive. Not only is he hell-bend on bleeding franchises dry, but it’s going to be a cold day in hell before he is responsible for bringing us anything like Minecraft, UO, Myst, or anything remotely creative and new. You will not only buy his sequels, but damn it, you are going to pay $15 a month/level for them as well! How can a man feed his children on just $60 up front

I like how they explain that the music genre died because of the need to buy instruments (which were massive profit machines), rather than, oh I don’t know, the genre being worked like a mule with rushed sequel after rushed sequel to cash in on the fad. Fast forward a few years, Call of Duty is being retired because shooting people is bad, and Bobby is now focused on bringing more “insert 2013 buzz word” to Farm-Blizzard-Ville.

Of course my favorite part was this:

Kotick emphasized that its current assets, like “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm” are inherently social.

Bahahaha. “Looking for silence random PUG, no talking, just mashing!” Oh yes, so inherently social, and getting more-so daily (get it).

(Yes, I know WoW is actually more social than Mario on the Wii, but facts and logic ruin good snark)

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5 Responses to Bobby Kotick knows gaming!

  1. Irenor says:

    Sadly Kotick is, to some extent, right. People will buy the next Call Of Duty, and the other, and the other, and WILL pay Subscription fees for it. That’s just how much of a sheep people are. It might turn off a few players at first, but mommy’s credit card can handle it!

    The market isn’t what it used to be, too many ignorants gamers who believe WoW to be the first MMO. You really can’t expect them to not act like a sheep and listen to what ever non-innovative company tells them to do.

  2. Saucelah says:

    Just another sign that gaming isn’t just for nerds like me anymore.

    I mean, mainstream music is a bunch of shite with a rare gem on the radio. Mainstream movies, same deal. Mainstream books even tend to be pretty trashy, just look at Twilight. Now that gaming is mainstream, we kind of have to expect the equivalent of a lot of Biebers, Tom Cruise movies, and Stephanie Meyers’s books. And a lot of Bobby Koticks thinking they are doing us favors by watering everything down for the lowest common denominator.

  3. Zapod says:

    Kotick’s “social” worlds – and I use the term very loosely – are inhabited by foul-mouthed children who wouldn’t know acceptable social behavior even if it slammed them in the balls.

    WoW is a cesspit of abusive teenagers and self-absorbed assholes and the Call Of Duty communities are just as bad.

    So glad I made the move to a decent MMO (LOTRO) where people actually respect each other and help each other and the content within the MMO encourages this sort of good behavior.

  4. mbp says:

    It is quite a few years since I was in business school but I remember enough to realise that World of Warcraft and Call of Duty are stereo typical Cash Cows. Such products generate a tonne of cash but the future of the company depends on having a stable of rising new products (stars) to invest that cash in. You don’t invest in a Cash Cow. You milk it for all it is worth.

  5. Tzadiel says:

    “Every single time he is quoted, I hate him just a little bit more, and at current hate levels, that’s impressive.”


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