Doing my part to keep the massive Rift hype going

Since everyone is doing it, I’m just here to state that I plan to continue to over-hype Rift so all of my readers are horribly, horribly disapointed a month after release when they realize it’s just a solid MMO.

So, once again, Rift > God, best MMO of all time, 100% feature-complete and awesome, and it will get you laid. Trust me. Pre-order today before it sells out!

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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10 Responses to Doing my part to keep the massive Rift hype going

  1. Shadow says:

    I can’t wait to get some of that hot poon action, and it’s all thansk to Trion!

    Wait, I’m not going to be playing it – foiled again!

  2. Ravven says:

    Going to quit my job and wait for the Rapture on the 24th! Hallelujah!

    If that doesn’t happen, I suppose getting laid will be just as good. :)

  3. Wilhelm2451 says:

    I must not be reading the right blogs. I see a lot of complaining about hype and worry that people need to tone down (or silence completely) talk about Rift but I cannot recall seeing any actual, true-blood, fanboi hype.

    Show me some hype so I can shun it plz.

  4. silvertemplar says:

    Pre-order special on D2D…go go go….15% off….

  5. pkudude99 says:

    Yer funny. . . . . :P

    My own attempt at hype here.

  6. Azreal says:

    Hey SynCaine. 2 questions:
    #1 Will you be playing Rift when it releases?
    #2 If yes will you be giving us information on which server, faction etc? Also guild. I might be playing with some WoW friends but they might still play WoW since they have guild raid commitments whereas I do not, so if it doesn’t work out with them I’d like to join you :P Also, my epics might be tinted green ;)

    • SynCaine says:

      It’s pre-ordered and ready to go, yea. I’ll have a Inquisition clan post up before the headstart about what server we will be playing on and how people can apply to join up.

      • Azreal says:

        Sweet, just got wind that one of my guildies is staying with WoW so I’ll prolly end up joining Inquisition.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh what the hell :D

    It´s the same with every mmo release, people just don´t learn it. I´m planing to turn off the puplic chat channels for the first month or so, that will save me a headache, from all the rage quiters and WoW fans.

    I´m pretty sure i will enjoy the game for some time, as you said it´s a solid mmo, and i have fun in the betas.

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