Today’s Rift Hype: The carebears will stare but won’t care

Basically this.

Finally, carebears will play by carebear rules on their PvE servers, and the sociopaths who do nothing but grief noobs will play by their rules on the PvP servers.

How hard was this to do? How hard is it to see that what works for PvE players might not work for PvP players? Good stuff right here. Hillsbrad Foothills 2004 in 2011.

Now, how long until Blizzard copies this for WoW PvP servers? After all, they need to get back to that ‘core’ Horde vs Alliance theme. Again. For real this time. Promise. Buy a pony.

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26 Responses to Today’s Rift Hype: The carebears will stare but won’t care

  1. Dril says:

    I thought this as well. The best thing is that while it’s a small step, it paves the way for greater separation. Ability X works fine and is used often in PvE but “OP OMFG NERF” in PvP? Nerf it in PvP! Yay!

  2. bonedead says:

    Blah blah blah, df, blah blah blah, fuck wow, blah blah blah, rift…… wait, what?

  3. smee, T says:

    IMO write a piece on actual points on why you like Rift over, say WoW or anything else. All that I have read and played tell me bad things, and yes I read good and bad articles on it… But the ‘Rift is good’ articles do not have any depth (like your posts).

  4. sid67 says:

    About fucking time. Seriously, how hard is it to make a WoW FFA server? That one simple change would make me resub to WoW even if they made absolutely zero other changes. PvP servers that are actually PvP servers? **GASP** No way!

    Of course, WoW will never make such a change on any WoW server. Too many people play on PvP servers who don’t actually care about PvP. Besides, they lack vision beyond conformity for the lowest common denominator.

  5. Azreal says:

    I’m haven’t been paying attention recently to updates, what was changed?

  6. Azreal says:

    Never mind! Didnt see the link :)

  7. Azreal says:

    Looks like Trion is succeeding where most companies fail, listening. I’m getting more hope for Rift every week. Seeing how well Trion treats their community makes me wonder wtf is wrong with Blizzard?

    • Dril says:

      They’ve announced they’re going to have a dungeon finder (despite pretty heated arguments over it on the forums.)

      If it’s cross-server, this game is dead to me.

    • Torcano says:

      Rift is making the hugest error imaginable if they are taking the forum community’s opinion as the holy gospel of what the player base wants.

      Forums make up a fraction of a fraction of a game’s player base, that won’t change regardless of the game.

  8. Stabs says:

    Still think they’re making a mistake using instancing if they really want world pvp.

    There’s a danger that pvp servers will be full of empty zones with no fights while everyone grinds points in instanced warfronts. Which is what happened to Warhammer.

    If they really wanted to distinguish between PVE and PVP servers I reckon they should remove instancing entirely from the PVP servers. Want to do a 5 man group dungeon? Watch your back!

    • Dril says:

      Want to do a 5-man group dungeon?

      Oh, wait, you can’t, because:

      a) there’s already a raid of 40 other faction players zerging the boss (for no challenge whatsoever)
      b) your faction is ganking any stragglers rather than make any effort to actually clear the dungeon of both mobs and enemy faction players, and
      c) if your group went in you’d be ganked by all the other people there.

      Design brilliance, tbh.

      • Neuromanse says:

        “Want to do a 5-man group dungeon?”

        No, I don’t want to do a fracking 5-man group dungeon when I want to play a _massively_ multiplayer, player _versus_ player, online roleplaying game. When can these nincompoops understand this?

        • LoL says:

          “Want to do a fracking 5-man group dungeon when I want to play a _massively_ multiplayer, player _versus_ player, online roleplaying game.”

          No, I want to gank and grief people less prepared and experienced than me; with the occasional pre-planned zero consequence group PVP session to prove how awesome I am at simulated life.

          When can these nincompoops understand this?

        • Torcano says:

          Why don’t you just play Dragon Age?

  9. Erruk Lonneh says:

    OFF-TOPIC: I’ve just taken a look at Darkfall’s NA1 Political Map and it’s pretty unbelievable. Sincayne, would you like to write an article about it?

  10. Erruk Lonneh says:

    I’m just curious, don’t mean to be a critic. Coming from EU1 don’t know what exactly happens. Do you aim at conquering every holding as an acomplishment? Is it retribution or something? Haven’t any other force risen to defeat your numbers?

    • SynCaine says:

      I’m not totally familiar with the plan (I’m not in leadership), but I believe the general goal was to create a central ‘bad guy’ force, something the rest of the server would have to deal with. It’s kinda like Hyperion on EU launch; a force everyone had to consider and contend with.

      So far, while the forums bitch, it has brought a lot of activity to the server, and introduced a lot of newer players to large-scale warfare.

      • Dblade says:

        looking from the forums seems only one other alliance is actually fighting you. It’s interesting. Maybe in PvP FFA games you just end up with a few large alliances that dominate the fighting, because EVE 0.0 is kind of like that too.

  11. Erruk Lonneh says:

    What about sieges? Aren’t you too many to be beaten in a siege?

    • SynCaine says:

      I think we have won ever siege so far, yes. I mean we have Zealot, who are some of the servers top players, so that’s a pretty good ‘spear tip’ if you will. I’ll be honest though, I’ve yet to attend a siege since the creation of TIA, so I’ve yet to see how things go (looking forward to one, just the times never seem to line up).

    • Coeur-de-fer says:

      So ForumFall would have you believe; they all fight “fair” while TIA relies on “cheap” tactics, like making friends, and bringing a large force. Sound familiar?

      Many have brought up performance issues, and the nontrivial drop in FPS that accompanies a large fight is a very real concern, but, at the same time, exploiting your opponent’s fear of it is a perfectly valid tactic.

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