Rift: All aboard the fail train

Back to back ‘make it to the last boss, fail at 1am’ tier two runs, yay… Yes, I’m mad. Bro.

On the bright side I did pick up one of the better shields in the game for 60p last night, a rare BoE drop from CC T2 that someone happened to be selling. I now have 30g to my name, and a total guild debt of over 70p. Such are the sacrifices I make as the main tank though. One for all something-something.

We ran Runic Descent last night, and it was pretty noticeable that some of the trash mobs have been removed. The pacing was quicker, the time between bosses was reduced, and I think overall everything just felt better. I’ve never been a huge fan of “boss only” instances, but trash should be treated somewhat like a boss, in that if I show I can do it once, don’t have me do it again. Given the variety of trash mobs, and the different combos, it should be easy to setup each pull as something unique without creating dozens of different creatures.

What drives me nuts, and really makes running an instance a huge pain, is when you have the same pull 3-4 times in one dungeon, especially if it’s time consuming. If I can tank/burn something with 63k once, I can do it again, and the only thing that same pull is accomplishing is extending the length of the run and increasing frustration. Hopefully this is an area Trion can fine-tune further, because the actual trash pulls themselves are often pretty interesting when you factor in soul combinations and all that, so things are good as one-offs per run. The upcoming 1.2 patch preview hinted at reducing trash HP, but hopefully it accomplishes the goal of speeding things up without dumbing them down. We will see.

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7 Responses to Rift: All aboard the fail train

  1. Nils says:

    That is a too “gamey” perspective, in my opinion. “Trash” should feel like inhabitants of the ‘dungeon’. Or at least defenders.
    If you turn a dungeon into an abstract chess game, it will always be a tedious experience.

  2. Dink says:

    Lawl, welcome to WoW2. I expect your Rift rage quit soon. Take care.

    • SynCaine says:

      You need to wait your turn, the “you will quit DF in a month” crowd has been waiting 2+ years already. Gotta earn your stripes first!

    • Hank says:

      Dude, don’t let SynCaine yank your chain. He quietly quit playing Darkfall months ago.

      His quitting of Rift will be a similarly uneventful experience devoid of rage. That’s the easiest way to save face when he realizes that all of this cheerleading about Rift being “different” was actually him being an MMO tourist, just like those he derides.

      * Warning: If Trion introduces a community publisher program, SynCaine’s apparent stay in Rift will be longer. Don’t be fooled.

  3. Bhagpuss says:

    I agree with Nils.

    But then, I think dungeons should be places you go back to more than once because they are places you like to spend time exploring, not places you visit day after day for necessities, like going to the corner shop for milk every morning.

  4. Poison says:

    What final bosses are you guys wiping on?

    I got a group of friends from guild together on good friday for 3 speedruns of APe, DSMe and CCe, and we did the three combined in just under 3 hours 5 minutes, which was nice from a trash/timing perspective. I remember when DSMe alone was 3+ hours for us. (Not trying to brag, just speaking to the speed of the instance/trash once you have a decent amount of T2/GS gear)

    Caelia is a buggy pain. We do her now by having everyone stand inside her model, and move to the opposite side of the lightning as soon as she starts blasting. She has graphical bugs, too, where she seems to turn 180 degrees, but really she moves 90 degrees clockwise every turn after she starts the lightning phase.

    Hope that helps.

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