EVE: Forever Alone fleet roam video

Video of that PvP roam I mentioned earlier. Post about it tomorrow.

Be sure to pay attention to vent chatter at the 8:30 mark.

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4 Responses to EVE: Forever Alone fleet roam video

  1. mbp says:

    Enjoyable video, thank you for linking.

    You FC is an Irishman, from my home town of Dublin if I judge his accent correctly. High points of his chatter:

    – The impromptu re-christening of William Walker.
    – The FC apologising to his MoM at one point in mid battle.

  2. Baredil says:

    Ok, where do I sign up for that…

  3. Hong WeiLoh says:

    Not bad — though the concept of “FC = auctioneer” [constantly talking the whole goddamned time] is fucking IRRITATING. Give an order twice, clearly enunciated, watch the result. If your mouth’s always running, you can’t hear reports from scouts/skirmishers, or maybe someone in fleet just noticed something important that you missed, like a cyno going up… can’t say anything about it if you’re constantly jamming up the comms with blabbering.

    Other than that nice vid and good kills. :-)

    I’ve “accidentally” ended up as rearguard/outsystem scout/skirmish for one of our best FCs, MukkBarovian, a couple of times — if you want some edumacation on how to be a bitchin FC, find videos where Mukk’s running the show. Seriously top-rate FC he is.

  4. @Hong – In the second engagement he does run off at the mouth a bit calling the target over and over and over, but that can be hard not to do when things get exciting. He is clearly attempt to kill that ship through sheer will.

    @mbp – Yes, that “th = d” pronunciation is a give away, as opposed to, say, the “th = f” you get from Londoners some times.

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