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Steam summer sale reminder

If you want to be a nice person and sent me some/all of your Steam cards as a ‘thank you’ for all the countless entertainment I provide you, that would be much appreciated, thanks. Trades work too. Syncaine on Steam, … Continue reading

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Bringing games to prison

Via Az, what PC game would you pick if you were in prison for 10 years with no internet, and what three games would you pick if you were locked up for life but had Internet to play games but … Continue reading

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What really makes a themepark tick, and why FFXIV is a rolex

Where a good sandbox is like a mountain climb with incredible peaks along with plenty of valleys, playing a good themepark is like taking a nice walk on a familiar path; at no point are you overly thrilled, but the … Continue reading

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Hows that $150 trailblazer thingy working out for everyone?

What’s the term for something that is 90% vaporware? Answer: An SOE product. Smed just doing Smed things!

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HS: Speaking of why F2P is the minor leagues…

$10 for a skin to a throwaway afterthought game huh? Haha, silly Blizzard, you aren’t Riot and you don’t have anything remotely close to LoL with HS, get this sad money grab out of here. But then again, when you … Continue reading

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2015 midyear check-in: Still not a single great F2P MMO

Wildstar announcing it is moving to the minor leagues of the MMO world (F2P) is… something? Personally I have zero investment/interest in Wildstar, as I never saw the point of creating a ‘hardcore’ raiding MMO and then picking a hyper-cartoon … Continue reading

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Time to catch up

Missing a week of Internet feels like missing a year of RL; lot-o-catching up to do. I miss anything really major? I’m assuming the normal stuff like Turbine shutting down a game, SOE being SOE, and FFXIV being bigger than … Continue reading

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