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ARK: Base building trial and error, and the patching frenzy

Still playing a lot of ARK, and still really enjoying it. My latest ‘main focus’ is on building a base, which is great fun but also a source of some frustration as things don’t always work out as I had … Continue reading

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CoC: Time for a little clan tune-up!

(Text by Delpez, and I agree with all thoughts/suggestions other than to attack down 1-2, I think if we generally improve we should still be able to hit our matching number, plus it causes less confusion overall) As you guys … Continue reading

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Hitting rocks to build success

For me the simplest measure of how much you liked a game is how long you played it. I think there is certainly value in a great 10 hour experience, but IMO no matter how great that 10 hours was, … Continue reading

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ARK – Dino fun that is well worth the time investment required

I wrote before that ARK is RUST with dinosaurs, and that general opinion hasn’t changed. However, I think that statement is somewhat like saying “DayZ is a shooter with zombies”. It’s a true statement, but doesn’t really explain why DayZ … Continue reading

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CoC: Spot open

Just a quick programming announcement; we currently have a spot open in the Clash of Clans… clan, “Supreme Cream!”. So long as you are active and willing to learn/improve, please apply mentioning the blog.

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HS: New Blizzard’s method of balancing the game is to not balance it at all

When Blizzard’s MOBA game was first announced, one of the items I wanted to keep an eye on was how well Blizzard would do at balancing the game, because Blizzard is always slow to make changes, and most recently hasn’t … Continue reading

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WoW Legion: We get to watch it all burn down to the ground

Oh New Blizzard. After attempting “We are making the game like Vanilla again, come back!” with WoD, and failing to actually deliver, New Blizzard is back with “We are making the game like TBC, our one good expansion, come back!”, … Continue reading

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