2016 predictions review

So my 2016 prediction post wasn’t much, mostly because I wasn’t all that into the MMO space at the time. I’m more into it right now (thanks EVE!), but lets see how I did with the little I said about 2016.

Crowfall: I was pretty off on this one. The game has made progress, but its not close to release, and it spent most of 2016 making small steps in evolving the deathmatch mode it had going for testing purposes, which just didn’t do much for me.

Camelot Unchained: The same as above I think? It certainly didn’t launch, so way off on that, but otherwise I think 2016 was mostly about making some progress without any major shakeups or big events. I don’t follow CU closely honestly, and while I will look into it once it gets close, it doesn’t feel close right now.

FFXIV: I stopped playing FFXIV shortly after my wife stopped playing due to time constraints. I never got into the content of the first expansion, and now another is coming out shortly, which really puts me behind the ball. Personal stuff with the game aside, I think 2016 was another good year for the best themepark out, but I don’t think it made the buzz it did in 2015. Or perhaps the thirst for the ‘next big themepark’ just isn’t there anymore overall.

WoW: Legion was a good expansion compared to recent WoW expansions, but it didn’t turn WoW around or stop it from being a title most visit briefly to eat up the latest content.

F2P stuff: 2016 was a turn-around year IMO in terms of acceptance of the model. I think most MMO players now dislike it, while I think the predatory nature of hooking whales still keeps some otherwise pretty terrible games chugging along. I’m sure a bunch of F2P MMOs shut down in 2016, but I can’t even remember any memorable event on that front.

And that’s it. Will 2017 be better? I mean, I’m playing EVE, so already its better in that regard, but will the genre as a whole have a good year? That’s coming in the next post.

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