SW:TOR and HotS win big!

Hotbar salesman wins big award! Congrats to all those working on SW:TOR for proving that just because so many others are a cesspit of terrible decisions, that doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels and just sell hotbars. Put lockboxes inside lockboxes, kill your in-game economy to collect a few bucks, and basically continue to cripple your game in any and all ways at the alter of terrible MMO business models. Huge win. Huge. And you know come 2017 award season, SW:TOR will be right back in the conversation.

Also shout out to HotS for just generally still being terrible. Who would have thought a dumbed down (and all around awful) version of an already casual game like LoL wouldn’t be a great idea? I think my favorite part of that whole article is the mention that failed LoL pros are kings of the shit castle in HotS. Basically tells you absolutely everything you need to know about that game.

Oh and shout out to the first guy to comment on that article trying to defend it, which the author identified as a HotS coach (seriously…). Keep fighting the good fight buddy, I’m sure those servers will stay up for a little bit longer.

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2 Responses to SW:TOR and HotS win big!

  1. I have to admit that back when they announced the plan where you only get new content as a subscriber… no ala carte, no buying it as a box, subscribe or nothing… I thought they had hit a new level of EA arrogance. But at least they don’t make you install Origin to play SWTOR.

    I did like that article on HotS. I find MOBAs dull to start with, so really don’t have much interest, but the author went to some length to explain why HotS just is never going to make it the way LoL or DOTA2 (or Hearthstone or Overwatch) have.

  2. adam says:

    Guy just keeps finding ways to shit on games he doesn’t play, doesn’t like, and doesn’t think are “good enough.” You really are a League player, aren’t you?

    I’ve subscribed to your blog for 4 or 5 years but I think I’ve had enough opinions from know-it-all elitists.

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