LoL TFT: Diamond Rank achieved

Back in July I posted that I hit Gold rank in Teamfight Tactics. This post is about me moving into Diamond, the rank above Plat, which is above Gold. According to this site, that puts me just about in the top 1%. Suck it plebs.

The big key to my recent success was basically forcing 6 Brawlers / 2 Gunslingers (Jinx + Lucian or Miss Fortune) every game. That build is currently VERY meta, but prior to the last update it wasn’t as widely run, making it much easier to force every game. Even now the top meta comp is dragons/shapeshifters/guardians, meaning zero overlap with brawlers/slingers, so forcing it still works. In terms of items it’s a bit flexible, but you basically try to stack Jinx and then adjust based on what you get.

Its rare the build gets me outside of top 4, where you gain rank, and if I highroll (3 star a brawler, 2 star Fortune, or get insane items) winning a game can happen. Forcing the build also means rather than focusing on the units I want to collect, or which items I might prefer, I can instead focus on what the other players are building and how to counter, whether that’s via items or board positioning. Positioning is especially crucial as the build runs Blitz, and a good grab of the enemy carry usually means an easy win. Additionally because the build has two hextech champs, late game you force the opponent into sub-optimal layouts, which you can then counter-play against. Overall I really enjoy the build, and the more I play it the more little details/tweaks I discover to optimize things.

Riot just announced that Season 2 of TFT will being in a bunch of new champions, while also making most of the current champions unplayable (I don’t want to say retired as I’m guessing they will come back at some point in future seasons). This will, of course, drastically change the meta and everyone’s understanding of what is good and how things work. It’s a soft reset, and I can’t wait.

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