Monthly update I guess?

Previous post was in July huh, yikes. I have been gaming, just not writing about it, so lets me put some words down now and fix that.

The Battle Brothers expansion, Blazing Deserts, is out. Surprise, its awesome, and I was very happy to see it was on the Steam top seller list on release day. The devs deserve it with how long the game has been supported. Crazy to think at one point they considered the game ‘done’, before enough fans convinced them to release more DLC.

The expansion itself is a basic ‘more stuff’ expansion; more starting setups, more enemies and events, another end-game crisis, new equipment, backgrounds, and locations. They hit the desert theme perfectly, and I’m enjoying fighting the new enemies. Right now I think my favorite change is to the battle maps, as instead of generic maps for everything, now you fight on a map that reflects what you are doing (graveyards, bandit camps, fortress ruins, etc). The new scenery and obstacles don’t overpower the map or make for gimmick fights, but do change things up and visually are a real treat.

I played a bit of Far Cry 5, as it went on a deep sale on Steam. It’s a Far Cry game, so if you liked previous versions you should enjoy this one. The map is huge and beautiful, the story a bit too close to real in the age of the Trump Cult, and gameplay wise its just brainless enough to be relaxing. I’m sure I’ll get back and finish the main story at some point, but it’s on pause for now.

I also tried Minion Masters, a PC clone of Clash Royale. It plays as expected, but its not sticking with me as it lacks any real sense of progression (cards don’t have levels like in CR, so once you have a good deck, you feel ‘done’). Not a bad game by any means, just not good enough to get a lot of my time with so many other options.

What is getting a decent chunk of my time, aside from Battle Brothers, is League of Legends and Mighty Party. LoL is that perfect “play one game a day” title, and I’ve also been watching a lot of their eSport matches as I find them incredibly entertaining and the production value is top-notch. Mighty Party I just enjoy the progression grind and the core combat gameplay, plus its the perfect game to have running in the background as you work from home.

I’m also still playing the occasional online game of Lords of Waterdeep or Carcassonne with friends. Both are just fun boardgames to play on the PC while chatting on discord.

I tried Crowfall again as it went into beta, but I still find the core gameplay to be very subpar, especially the floaty combat. It has its audience, but I don’t think I’ll be in it unless something major happens with its core feel.

Coming up we have Crusader Kings 3, which I want to go into blind and just see what happens, and Necromunda, which I am really hoping is a great game to play with friends in 1v1 and 2v2 matches.

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6 Responses to Monthly update I guess?

  1. Shilgrod says:

    Nice to get an update… surprised that you are still all in on mighty party …. hopefully it’s not weeks again until the next update….love the blog

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea MP is surprisingly fun, hits a lot of the right notes in terms of collection and progression. Plus the guild we have going is active and engaged so that’s solid motivation as well.

      Will try to post more, but not playing an MMO there isn’t that much ‘stuff’ happening day to day.

  2. Azuriel says:

    I just bought Battle Brothers since there was a Steam sale with it at $9.90, but did not pick up any of the DLC. How “necessary” do you think the DLC is in the scheme of things? Or rather, how improved does it make the beginning experience?

    • SynCaine says:

      The game is highly replayable, and the expansions add complexity, so I’d actually recommend the first few games without DLC. If you can beat one end-game crisis, at that point I’d recommend retiring that company and starting a new game with all the DLC. You will suddenly have a TON of new stuff, but it all fits together and the core game remains unchanged (take contract, fight, hire, lvl up, equip), so you will still know enough to not be totally lost and overwhelmed. Then you can either select which crisis shows up first and play a company until you beat it and retire again (ideally on ironman to resist the urge to save scum any poor result), repeating for all crisis, or play a long game where you go 400+ days, get a full 12+ guys with good stats to lvl 11+, have a ton of legendary gear, and attempt to beat all of the ultra-hard fights like Monolith, Gob City, Kraken, etc.

  3. Kobeathris says:

    Eve Echoes is out, and I have totally dropped all other mobile games for it. It’s simplified Eve, but it is still Eve, with the full universe, on your phone. Other bonus is that since it just launched, everyone is still in frigates, destoryers, and cruisers, and figuring out industry. Medium drones are crazy expensive because there aren’t enough bps yet, and the economy is basically the wild west. Today it has been down all day, but mostly the experience has been very good.

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