Wii balls and bats. Space pirates.

On a strange whim, and partly based on a good review by Keen and Graev, I went out and purchased Mario Striker Charged and The Bigs for the Wii. This is of some note due to the fact that this is the first Wii purchase since buying the system itself and Zelda along with it. Sadly the second Wiimote was having some issues and the Wii was not picking it up for the better part of the night, and I ended up just playing a few single player games of Mario and one inning of The Bigs, albeit a long 0-15 inning while the girlfriend lay passed out on the couch, instead of getting destroyed in a ‘friendly’ game of homerun derby. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to post some kind of review for each.

Current skill training in EVE: Learning level 5; this will finish in 8 days. Funny how in real life 8 days is a relatively short amount of time, yet when you look at that for one skill on a MMO, it seems like forever. During play times I plan on switching training to get social up to level 3, just to speed up mission faction gain. Once Learning is finished, the plan is to get as many of the other skills in that section up before moving on to combat related ones. Perhaps then I will grow a pair and venture out into .04 and below space. Right now I stick strictly to Empire and agent running, with some random mining on the Bantom thrown in for a change of pace.


Originally I had no interest in Pirates of the Burning Sea, yet after reading so many people excited to try it out, it’s crept into my mind and is slowly becoming an itch. Hopefully some kind of open beta will allow me to test it out without having to put down cash for it. Assuming the game is actually good, one would think an open beta would work wonders for a non-traditional game like PotBS, since I’m sure I’m not the only one on the fence about the game, and as we all know with MMOs, it’s more about the hooks a game places on you than the initial surge to buy a copy. If PotBS has quality hooks, it should enjoy a nice, if niche, market. If nothing else, it might be a good holdover till WAR is out, hopefully in March 08, but we all know how release dates work…

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