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Look at me when I talk to you, damnit.

Last night the gf and I hit level 11 in EQ2, and so far so good. I’m cautious not to get ahead of myself, since we all know the first few levels of most MMO’s are generally the best part, … Continue reading

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Class discrimination.

Over at Keen and Graev yesterday a great post was made on why the majority of MMO players seem to gravitate towards DPS classes. Here are some clips, along with my thoughts. “Big Number Syndrome, or BNS, is the addiction … Continue reading

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EVE GMs, EQ2 graphics.

Just some quick notes today, as the weekend was mostly sports filled. (Patriots wiping the floor with the Chargers and the Redsox… well the Redsox are 4.5 games up) A big ‘thank you’ to a GM of EVE who reset … Continue reading

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Looking in the mirror; the sickness that was WoW raiding.

Recently I was thinking about the time I put into WoW, especially the last year that I played when I was basically logging on to raid or prepare for a raid. At the time I knew it was a major … Continue reading

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The list bug, plus some Evercrack.

So PotShot, in his infinite wisdom :snicker: links me today in his blog, which is always cool, so I head over and check out why exactly I’ve been linked. To my amusement, it seems the ‘fun with lists’ bug is … Continue reading

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EQ2 choices, EVE PvP Tourney.

Not much gaming time the last few days, so not a whole lot to write about. I was incorrect about the EQ2 trial limiting you to only the Fae. Seems you get access to all the race/class combos when you … Continue reading

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EQ2 first impression, Vanguard trial request.

So EQ2 finally patched itself up, only 4 hours or so later. I actually managed to watch all of Terminator 2 on DVD and still have some time to spare before I was able to create a character. On to … Continue reading

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