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Looking in the mirror; the sickness that was WoW raiding.

Recently I was thinking about the time I put into WoW, especially the last year that I played when I was basically logging on to raid or prepare for a raid. At the time I knew it was a major … Continue reading

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The list bug, plus some Evercrack.

So PotShot, in his infinite wisdom :snicker: links me today in his blog, which is always cool, so I head over and check out why exactly I’ve been linked. To my amusement, it seems the ‘fun with lists’ bug is … Continue reading

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EQ2 choices, EVE PvP Tourney.

Not much gaming time the last few days, so not a whole lot to write about. I was incorrect about the EQ2 trial limiting you to only the Fae. Seems you get access to all the race/class combos when you … Continue reading

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EQ2 first impression, Vanguard trial request.

So EQ2 finally patched itself up, only 4 hours or so later. I actually managed to watch all of Terminator 2 on DVD and still have some time to spare before I was able to create a character. On to … Continue reading

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EQ2, trial of the neverending download.

Just a quick update, I’m attempting to give EQ2 another shot after reading a few blogs about how its been improved a great deal since release, so I downloaded the new Fay trial. I create an account, and then it … Continue reading

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One great big lovefest.

It’s been very nice reading all the comments in response to my post about the upcoming WoW expansion. If nothing else, it shows that a great variety of people play MMOs, and everyone has a different view of what’s good/bad. … Continue reading

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It’s not you baby, its me. I’ve changed, and its time we move on.

Funny how this whole blog traffic thing works, I write a simple ‘don’t care about the new WoW xpac’ post, and I get linked from major web sites and set a new single day hit record. Go figure. Also amusing … Continue reading

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The love and hate game, WoW style.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I have a feeling the tide is turning for WoW, especially with the new info released about the next expansion and how the Hero class system will be used. In a nutshell, the Hero class … Continue reading

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Mining Op = Success

The good thing about three day weekend is you get three days off. The bad thing is after three days, you go back to work. The terrible thing is the next three day weekend is far away, and you just … Continue reading

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