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Same old EA.

I’ll be honest and say I’m a bit disappointed by EA and this story about one of their games. First off I have not heard anything about the actual game or the boycott surrounding it, but the fact that a … Continue reading

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Damn you DoTA!

Quick update today: DoTA is evil in it’s addictive nature. Every time you have a quality, down-to-the-end 5v5 game, it just adds fuel to the fire. Amazing that something of such quality was created as a mod, and also amazing … Continue reading

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Daily quest, RMT, and the end-game in WoW

Many people credit daily quests with making earning gold in WoW easier, and that part of the reason Blizzard added so many of them was to combat gold farmers by making lots of gold available to everyone. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Ding 70, now what?

Over the weekend my girlfriend and I both hit 70 in WoW, marking the first time she has ever hit the cap in an MMO. It’s somewhat bittersweet of course, as part of the fun in WoW is gaining xp … Continue reading

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WoW’s legacy on the MMO players mindframe.

Tobold has a post up today about training players in WoW, and what can be done to improve the sad state the PUG scene is in. I think the PUG scene in WoW is hopeless though, that game is too … Continue reading

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User created content, who needs it?

Continuing today’s theme of linking to blogs from people who know a hell of a lot more about MMOs than I do, Raph Koster has a post today about the growing amount of user-created browser-based content that is hitting the … Continue reading

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The REAL war on terror.

Lum posted this a few days ago, but only today did I actually read the linked article, found here. I’m not sure if saying it’s a bit surprising that congress has this much time to waste would be very accurate. … Continue reading

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