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DoTA talk.

Monday already huh? Played a good bit of DoTA this weekend, mostly getting my ass handed to me in TDA games while still re-learning everything. Due to the game being basically 100% player skill, the learning curve depends almost completely … Continue reading

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Friday + Sunny = Win?

Good weather makes you feel guilty about playing an MMO, discuss. PS: So nice out here today in MA.

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Understanding failure, the PoTBS story.

As has been well reported, Pirates of the Burning Sea is cutting down on servers, going from 11 to 4. While PR would like you to believe otherwise, it’s fairly clear that the game is underperforming, and the reduction in … Continue reading

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Curt Schilling on ‘The Instance’ podcast.

The Instance, which is always worth listening to anyway, stepped it up a notch with this show and featured a lengthy interview with Curt Schilling. Along with a ton of WoW talk, they go into general game design, a bit … Continue reading

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WoW burnout already?

This weekend our little guild of friends took our first steps into Karazhan. We did fairly well, considering that for many of us it was our first time seeing the encounters, and that for the most part we were equipped … Continue reading

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You can’t have everything, sorry.

Keen has a post up about his recent experience in DAoC. The gist of it is that after the ‘newness’ of being back in DAoC wore off, the fact that the PvE in DAoC is not as on-rails as more … Continue reading

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South Park and the Patriots.

Somewhat of a bittersweet post today, considering it is related to the disaster that was the last Super Bowl. However, despite the pain of reliving that memory, these two South Park clips are indeed quite entertaining. Enjoy!

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