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Subscription vs RMT: Who will save the poor noobs with no time to play?

It seems it’s been too long since everyone’s second favorite topic (hardcore vs casual being #1), RMT, has been discussed. Tobold has two posts about it and recently DDO went F2P. As readers here know, I’m not a huge fan … Continue reading

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The lost DarkFall EuroGamer review is found!

Beau from Spouse Agro found the missing 8.5 hours of the EuroGamer review, and for great justice has posted it. For anyone looking for a good breakdown of what DarkFall is all about, especially from the perspective of someone who … Continue reading

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DarkFall update, in which PvP happens.

The last patch for DarkFall fixed my memory crash and resolved the sound = lag issue, the two things really putting a damper on my enjoyment of the game from the tech side. This, combined with the “We are moving, … Continue reading

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Sims 3 Review (EG style)

The Sims 3: Fun game. 9/10.

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WAR: The casual PvP MMO

Playing WAR again after having played DarkFall is changing my mind about what WAR might be all about. Pre-release, WAR was being positioned as a great RvR game with a lot of great ideas. (ToK, PQs, Scenarios) While I think … Continue reading

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Another amazing FreeRealms record!

“First” concert record for Free Realms. The string of amazing press releases continues, which is at least a good source of entertainment thanks to Free Realms. And just like DarkFall is the place for all those basement-dwelling sociopaths, at least … Continue reading

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Phasing out ‘multiplayer’ in MMOs

Tobold has a post up today talking about direct and indirect social interactions in MMO games. It’s a good read with interesting points, but is a somewhat odd topic to be discussing in a genre with Massive and Multiplayer in … Continue reading

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