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Phasing out ‘multiplayer’ in MMOs

Tobold has a post up today talking about direct and indirect social interactions in MMO games. It’s a good read with interesting points, but is a somewhat odd topic to be discussing in a genre with Massive and Multiplayer in … Continue reading

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Fans of hype, fans of gaming.

Hype in the gaming industry is a form of entertainment all its own, and history has shown that plenty of people LOVE getting wrapped up in the pre-release fanfare. This is not only something that consumes people in their search … Continue reading

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Puzzle Kingdoms and Sid Meier’s Railroad fill the DF void.

With some time opened up due to playing DarkFall for PvP only, I gotten around to playing some other games. It’s been a while since I’ve played a quality turn based strategy game (something like Heroes of Might and Magic), … Continue reading

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