Awkward silence

Slow week it seems both for my in-game activity and for noteworthy items in the blog world. News of upcoming changes to DarkFall have been slow (patch this week supposedly), and everyone is left wondering whether the silence means a big announcement is due soon (I’m hoping this upcoming patch is a solid upgrade rather than a small list of changes), or whether Aventurine is just that busy working on things not close enough to release to talk about. The natives are getting restless and all that.

For me personally in-game I’m still slowly skilling up my magic skills, although I’ve yet to fully embrace that playstyle in PvP. I still go out in heavy armor and just use the elemental schools for their buffs, which so far has worked well enough. I almost have my Earth magic to 100, and my Fire is above 50. I think once Earth and Fire are at 100 and the key spells are at or close to 75, I’ll switch my PvP style up a bit more.

One noteworthy item is that I sold my house last night. While it was a fun spot for our clan to teleport down to and harass Macabre, Ruby PvP was tough to find, and overall I was not using my house enough to justify keeping it. I made a nice little profit on the sale however, and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a location better suited for a player vendor.

Tonight there is a siege between our alliance (DR) and Super Friends (SF). The thread on the forums at the moment indicates neither side is looking to bring in extra help, so things should be interesting. I don’t doubt people outside of DR/SF will show up, but if both alliances really keep everyone not allied as KOS, it should be a blood good time. Hopefully I’ll have a quality battle report for tomorrow, assuming I don’t get killed in the first five minutes anyway.

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  1. coppertopper says:

    In your opinion, is FFA really the best PvP ruleset?

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