Talkin’ Darkfall

In my glorious return to podcasts, I was a guest on MMOSmackTalk with Ryan. He grilled me about my visit to Aventurine, along with some more general discussion about the game and certain features. What was planned as a 15 minute interview went a LITTLE bit longer, but hopefully everyone enjoys it. Head on over and have a listen.

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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6 Responses to Talkin’ Darkfall

  1. sid67 says:

    Dear gawd.. isn’t just reading this blog enough… :P

  2. bonedead says:

    Sekseh voice is sekseh.

    What do you think about an official classic UO server? Ever think you’d see the day?

  3. bjp2592 says:

    … No Chuck again

  4. Song7 says:

    Chuck was in awe at this.

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