Selling epics in WoW; Coming soon thanks to a private server

TAGN is wondering about the aftermath of the Blizzard vs Private server issue, and while he covers some interesting points, I think he (and as far as I’ve seen, everyone else) is missing a major, major bit of info here: some random person running a WoW server with an item shop made 3 million dollars.

3 million.

You think the destroyer of worlds, the revealer of identity, the slayer of fun, good ol’ Bobby is going to just pass at the opportunity to milk millions of dollars from WoW players without having to design a single new item/area? I mean if WoW players are willing to throw you $25 to reskin a pony, can you image what they would pay to get a power ranger suit without having to go through the trouble of facerolling an instance? On the private server, that cost you $300, and that is an absolute steal in pony bucks.

Now sure, such a change might destroy what little challenge/legitimacy/whatever WoW has left, but if you are willing to get people killed to gain some Facebook friends, are you really worried about some gaming nerds getting all upset with you selling their precious ‘epics’ to the masses? And having seen just how far you can bend people over with Call of Duty: MW2, would the countless “I’ll quit and take my entire 1000 man guild with me” posts/petitions/blogs do anything but give Bobby a chuckle as he takes his morning swim in his money pool while eating babies for breakfast? Of course not.

Just like, a month after ‘epics’ go on sale, that same player and his 1000 man guild will still be in-game, just now decked out in ‘exclusive’ $500 pink shiny suits, dancing on a mailbox while others watch in awe of their awesome gear.

I’m just hoping this happens sooner rather than later, because Bobby owes me a train wreck after delaying RealID.

Chuck-o-the-day: When Chuck Norris takes out a loan, the only collateral he puts down is collateral damage.

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13 Responses to Selling epics in WoW; Coming soon thanks to a private server

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Indeed, here was somebody running a single pirate server who made 3 million dollars off of 400K people using a Free to Play model, while your typical WoW server probably only brings in a half a million dollars a year tops using the traditional subscription model.

    That is the sort of math Bobby the Tick can probably even do in his head.

    Yes, who knows how long it too Alyson to make 3 million, but that was a pirate server where you want to keep something of a low profile. If Blizz was told to go Free to Play and pull out all the restrictions on what to sell, I am sure some MBA could come up with a projected boost to the Activision bottom line that would make Bobby wet himself.

    • SynCaine says:

      Exactly. Someone is going to do the math and it simply won’t add up to staying with the sub and pony model. And I was going to say they are going to ignore player reaction and the backlash and WoW will finally die, but like I said in the post, lets be honest, short of shutting down the servers Blizzard can do whatever it wants to WoW players and they will all too happily beg for more while they stand in line with cash in hand.

      • Blimp says:

        400k players x 15 $/month x 12 months = 72 M$. Even if you assume that the 3 M$ were earned during a single month, it only represents 36 M$. So the sub (even without the pony) is still a much better deal.

  2. Sleepysam says:

    Ahh, I love the smell of a fresh rant in the morning.

  3. Dril says:

    Look at Cryptic. I’m not sure Bobby wants to see his pet cash cow drain into that low-turnover flea.

    Also, I’m fairly sure Blizzard already earn more than Kotick’s half does.

  4. says:

    Hm. Switching WoW to an f2p/cash shop model would be a problem now, but when their next MMO’s about to launch? That would be interesting.

  5. PeterD says:

    Lol, I’d almost like to see that just for all the internet screaming that would ensue.

  6. bonedead says:

    The people screaming would probably be the minority imo, and if the item shop makes enough money to offset losing those players (and some, probably) then I would assume Activizzard (gotta catch em all!) wouldn’t care one bit.

    • bonedead says:

      On a side note, this could help show us where Blizzard stands. Are they all about the money or do they care about their work? How many people would consider them opening an item shop as tarnishing the game and how many would not?

  7. Sean says:

    Amazing that Blizzard, on to what I think is their 7th corporate owner now, managed all that time to exist somewhat autonomously, putting out games at a snail’s pace relative to other studios. Blizzard’s managers have a strong vision of what their company’s mission is and have so far resisted what I imagine to be constant pressure to compromise on that.

    As for selling epics, I’m willing to take Blizzard’s developers at their word that: 1) WoW was originally conceived as a F2P title; 2) Soon though they realized that payment model would be inappropriate for what they wanted to do with the game and went with subscriptions; 3) F2P is still a possibility if/when the game is “put out to pasture”. I’d wager their next MMO will have some sort of F2P hybrid model, but the designers at Blizzard are good enough to appreciate how integral the monetization scheme is to other aspects of a MMO.

    And for the record, if they actually did implement your snarky suggestion Syncaine, I would quit.

  8. Ob says:

    For someone who hates Blizzard/WoW so much, Syncaine sure does spend an inordinate amount of time thinking/writing about them :) Fun to watch, though more Eve/Darkfall posts would be better, :)

    • SynCaine says:

      It’s almost like they have a massive player base, influence the rest of the genre, and also happen to pull some of the industries most talk about (and often dumbest) moves thanks to Bobby.

      But yea, odd that they come up so often on blogs… :)

  9. Anduric says:

    The Goon Squad on US-Mal’Ganis have been selling epics and charging their members a monthly fee for I don’t know how long.

    I wonder how much money they’ve made so far.

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