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Crusader Kings II power balance

As I play more Crusader Kings II, I’m noticing that outright defeat, while possible, is rarer than in games such as Civilization, and that the balance of power is more dynamic. For instance, in my current game I had carved … Continue reading

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SW:TOR – EA says the game is not interesting, players agree

In our portfolio in terms of property from a franchise, it’s in our top 10 but it’s not in our top 5,” Riccitiello said. “So I understand there’s a modest amount of interest, but I don’t know if it warrants … Continue reading

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Crusader Kings II rambling

I picked up Crusader Kings II (CK) off Steam this weekend. It’s been a game I’ve wanted to play for some time, but figured it would be a $5 Steam sale game sooner or later. I paid full price for … Continue reading

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Xfire, TES MMO, and a lost EVE pilot

Xfire: When I link Xfire stats, I don’t do it with the belief that Xfire is 100% accurate and to show exact sub numbers. I do it because Xfire trending has, historically, been accurate in painting how a game is … Continue reading

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EVE: 9 years

9 years. What do 9 year old MMOs look like today? What will your current MMO look like after 9 years? Odds are, it won’t be growing, won’t be a technological marvel, and won’t be pushing the genre forward. It … Continue reading

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I miss Massively

Remember when Massively was a solid MMO news site that reported all things MMO and did not Tobold its comments section? Good times back then. Today, the site somehow misses reporting on the biggest MMO player event of the year, … Continue reading

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EVE: CCP on Burn Jita

Overall fantastic write-up about Burn Jita from CCP. For all you budding MMO bloggers out there (sarcasm = traffic), read up before you write something silly like 100+ players fighting it out without lag is ‘technically impossible’. More about EVE … Continue reading

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EVE: Dying to one ship at a time

Quick little EVE note for today: Now that we are getting better/faster at clearing out our WH, we have time to do other activities. The two immediate options available to use are invade other WHs, or look for trouble out … Continue reading

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