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EVE: Changing the influence bar

Jester has two interesting posts up currently; this one is about his experiences with Incursions after their nerf, and today’s post is about a CSM townhall meeting and this quote in particular: Alekseyev Karrde > Some players have unrealistic expectactions … Continue reading

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EVE: ‘Winning’

‘Winning’ in EVE means different things to different people. For null-sec leaders, controlling the most territory or fielding the most dominant fleet means everything. Having the right resources, far beyond simply having ISK, is critical. Quality FCs are held is … Continue reading

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Friday Blogwar Failure

Exhibit A: Unfiltered comments from EVE players about Gevlon. Exhibit B: Tobold’ed comments section at the little green guy’s site. Protip: Posting tough and then not having the confidence to back it up is not a good look. Who knew Gevlon … Continue reading

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EVE: Greed kills

Wallstreet will tell you that if you are not growing, you are dying. But the MMO space is not Wallstreet. If you are maintaining, especially at a pretty decent level, you are doing more than just OK. 350k subs still … Continue reading

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Massively editors taking the day off

Oh Massively. First, I guess the ban on EVE posts has been lifted? Or did this get fast-tracked because Mittens was not directly involved? I mean it only took a few hours to report on this item, while it took … Continue reading

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Crusader Kings II: Generations

My conquest of Spain continues, and I’m now on the 4th generation of rulers. The first King did well in gaining new land and setting up the basic structure for the kingdom. He changed the succession law to ensure his … Continue reading

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EVE: Social goblin

Gevlon, once again, has disappointed. A few months back he set the moderate goal of just buying a Titan, rather than reaching market-dominating levels of ISK to truly impact New Eden the way major market barons do. Today, even the … Continue reading

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EVE: Fighting RMT

Really great post from Nosy Gamer about RMT and how CCP’s recent actions have impacted sellers. Well worth everyones time, EVE player or not.

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EVE looking pretty dated

One thing I hate about EVE is that it’s a 9 year old MMO that looks a bit dated. Imagine what the game would look like if it was a 2012-era game? Would be pretty mind-blowing, right? Especially if you … Continue reading

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EVE: (Not) Mining in a WH

TAGN has a post about mining in EVE, which includes stats from CCP talking about where mining happens. Not surprisingly, high-sec is by far the most popular spot, and WH space the least productive. This got me thinking about WH … Continue reading

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