ARK, FO4, TW:W, EVE, and CoC updates

Gaming update time. Basically I’m kinda hovering in most games as I wait for the 1080 GTX to arrive, which will hopefully be this week.

I started playing ARK again with the old crew I played with almost a year ago. We are on official server 351 (original map and rules), and they are the dominant tribe. My one-man tribe is allied to them, and currently I’m just leveling up via drug production.

My goal, once my character is up around level 60ish or so, is to build out a solo base and just mess around with some of the new stuff the game has added in the year since I played. I really don’t have grand dreams of taming a ton of dinos as I simply don’t have the time for it, both to do the actual taming and also the upkeep. Still, ARK is a fun game when played with a group, and there seems to be plenty of new content to explore.

In Fallout 4 I’ve completed both the Automatron DLC as well as the main quest in the Vault-tec DLC. Automatron had a surprisingly fun quest line, while the Vault-tec one is pretty short (especially considering what COULD have been done around building a vault and experiments, but ah well). Building the actual vault itself is both fun and frustrating. Its fun because the space you are given is pretty massive, and the new building pieces work better than most settlement items. Its also frustrating because at the end of the day, you are still using the base building tool that came with the game, and its not the most user-friendly item around.

The other issue is that, much like settlement building originally, building your vault is ‘pointless’ other than to build it. Its almost sad that the vault in Fallout Shelter has more purpose than the vault you build as DLC in Fallout 4. The DLC could have easily added new events, new progression, and new radiant quests that come up based on the size and function of your vault.

I have but haven’t played the Beastman DLC for Warhammer, but I’m excited to play the new mini-campaign, as well as beating the game in the grand campaign as the beastmen. Again though, want that 1080 GTX so I can set the game to ultra and not worry about late-game slowdown.

In EVE I got another ship down to our staging system, but seem to miss fleets as they go out. At least I finally set that station as my home base, so when I finally do get going, I’ll come back to life in the right place.

Finally, in CoC my main account is one Barbarian King level away from starting the TH10 upgrade (he will hit 25, but I’ve decided to go TH10 rather than finish his last 5 levels, as I have everything but some walls all done, and I know there is a ton of research to get done at TH10). I’m excited, as its been many months since I’ve gone up a TH level on either account, and it will be good to go to war with both a TH10 and a TH9 account.

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3 Responses to ARK, FO4, TW:W, EVE, and CoC updates

  1. tsuhelm says:

    ‘…I’m excited, as its been many months since I’ve gone up a TH level on either account…’

    AND it is a real thrill isn’t it! I will end up not maxing my th9 again (I jumped to 9 a little early!) more to relieve the tedium of wall maxing than anything else :)

    Simply amazed by the timescale of COC play: a casual game that ends up definitely not casual!

    • SynCaine says:

      For TH9, I wouldn’t move up to TH10 at least until your AQ is 30 and your King is 20+. Once you hit TH10, you will have a lot of research that uses DE so you won’t have it to spare towards royals.

      • tsuhelm says:

        OK I will try to keep the breaks on…mind you, my teslas are a months worth of upgrading in themselves… long term commitment casual gaming!

        Am enjoying the 4 yr bday boost and hope to have AQ leveling to 13 by the end of the day!

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