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Dragon Age 2 slipping off my radar

I think I’ve mentioned before that I definitely looking forward to The Witcher 2 way more than Dragon Age 2, but this preview from Warcry just tipped the scale even more in favor of Witcher. Anyone else read the preview … Continue reading

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The game has changed

Not too long ago, a games ‘shelf life’ was measured in months, and once that window was closed, your game was forgotten and near-impossible to acquire. Ebay made finding older classics a little easier, but this was all done peer-to-peer … Continue reading

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Things learned from Shining Force

Some random thoughts today all stemming from having finished Shining Force on the iPhone: First, I just realized the first gen iPhone that I have is really slow compared to the latest phone. Now this might not come as a … Continue reading

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Stirring the den of thieves

Seems quite a few feathers got ruffled yesterday. Funny how quick people jump to defend something when called out, and how far they will go to rationalize their behavior. I’ll restate my main point from yesterday right up front, so … Continue reading

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The thieving family man and his needs

Great post over at Penny Arcade today about used games = stealing (via Tobold) that has really struck a cord with me. As readers here know, one of the things I hate most about this industry is that so many … Continue reading

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Neverwinter and Shining Force

I can’t say I understand the angst OR buzz for the new Neverwinter game. First, it’s not an MMO. Second, it’s being made by Cryptic. Third, little real detail has been revealed and the game is a ways off. Could … Continue reading

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Torchlight 2 > Diablo 3? And Shining Force on the iPhone!

First off, today’s amusement comes from people thinking Torchlight 2 won’t stack up well to Diablo 3 because the original Torchlight only improved on Diablo 2 slightly. If Diablo 3 improves on Diablo 2 as much as StarCraft 2 ‘improved’ … Continue reading

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You say polish, I say rehash

The Blizzard model has generally been to take a successful product, apply a Games Workshop IP to it, and release basically the same game with a new coat of paint and a high level of polish, one that will run … Continue reading

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SC2, heat, the heat, and nuts

First a quick note for any former DarkFall players, today Aventurine started their welcome back program, giving inactive accounts 14 free days to come back and see what has changed. All the details can be found here. If you have … Continue reading

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Vacation, good. Computers, bad.

On the plus side, vacation was phenomenal. Hard to beat an all-inclusive resort right on the beach in Mexico, and the break was much needed. The downside is that someone must have broken into our home while we were away, … Continue reading

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