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Skyrim 2.0, ELO, lies

First, how good does the Skyrim Creation Kit look/sound? The Steam integration part might be the biggest leap in gaming since Rift introduced us to MMO 3.0! Too bad for our genetically inferior slaves (console players) since won’t get this, but hey, … Continue reading

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The more things change…

Timing is everything. Today Raph has a post showing a 3-part “History of MMOs” video. (well worth watching btw, especially for those who started playing post-2004) Also today Tobold has a post about how bots could easily play certain MMOs … Continue reading

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Gamer evolution, 30 minutes a day

Time requirements and complexity in gaming are clearly not the same thing, but they are linked. The more complex your game, the more time required to learn it. But a game can be both ‘simple’ and incredibly hard (Meatboy), or … Continue reading

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Casual players are a dying breed

Whenever the topic of casual games comes up, I always question who exactly these ‘casual gamers’ are, and I think the term itself is a little misleading. I think ‘casual player’ is more accurate. Gamer to me, be they casual … Continue reading

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Repair-bot, ready for duty!

Last night I opted to pick up parts for my Drake in EVE (hey it only took about two hours…) rather than join my buddies for some Dungeon Defenders, which I think says more about Dungeon Defenders than EVE. Actually … Continue reading

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Dungeon Defenders: Flawed fun

I played Dungeon Defenders last night, having purchased it as a 4-pack with my regular gaming buddies, for about five hours (casually, yo). I think the fact that we played it for five hours straight says a lot right there, … Continue reading

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Paying full price

As we picked up the 4-pack for Dungeon Defenders last night, our Steam group talked about paying for games, and why anyone would pay full price for a game in the age of $5 Steam sales, Game+DLC bundles, and Sub-to-F2P … Continue reading

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