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WoW Classic: L2Rouge nub!

The level 10 rogue quest asks you to get a document off a certain NPC. Being dumb, I just assumed this meant killing the mob, as you do in most quests. As I was doing this solo and at level … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: Old Blizzard game design still shines, new Blizzard management still exists

This morning I was able to play WoW Classic a bit between work meetings, as thankfully the queue issue had not yet picked back up. I fully expect that tonight I won’t be able to get in again, but we … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: Day one is 100% exactly like the first day of WoW in 2004!

And by that I mean Blizzard, 15 years later, still doesn’t understand the basics of how to not get in their own way, and I’m sitting in a queue 18k deep that is going to, at best, get me into … Continue reading

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LoL TFT: Man I suck, oh wait I’m awesome!

Tonight we sit in a queue to play WoW Classic, but today I want to talk about the roller coast ride I just went on with LoL TFT Ranked play. It started at around 80 points into Plat 3, the … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: Lets keep it hard

The hype train continues to chug along towards the release of WoW Classic. I’m excited. I created my characters to reserve names, and while doing so, some of that original WoW magic came back, even just in character creation. It’s … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: We are playing on Skeram (updated 8/17/19)

Reserving character names is open now, so it was time to pick a server. Initially we had a few different choices, but with queues being insane and a some servers being destinations for streamers or Brazilians, Grobbulus Stalagg Skeram ended … Continue reading

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WoW Classic: The gentle nudge towards being social

WoW Classic beta has started, and people are posting about it. This post from Rohan, who’s blog I can’t comment on without jumping through a dozen hoops thanks to the Blogger platform, highlights a major reason why I think overall … Continue reading

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