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So a good game sells a lot of copies? Get out of here!

100m+ copies of Minecraft have been sold, and today the game sells 53k+ copies A DAY. Who the hell is still buying Minecraft? And I don’t mean that in a “Minecraft sucks!” way, because it’s a great game/tool, but in … Continue reading

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EVE: The hardcore and casual partnership

Too often we talk about hardcore vs casual players in an MMO from a content perspective. Raiding is for the hardcore, the main quest must be casual, form X of PvP is hardcore, form Y is casual, etc. How you … Continue reading

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New Blizzard is, in fact, dumber than SOE at this point

Remember way back in the WotLK days when (unknown to us at the time) New Blizzard said that 100+ character open-world battles in an MMO where technically impossible? I believe they said that the same day EVE had a 1000+ … Continue reading

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WoW: Churn and burn

The closing of a private WoW server has sparked some good debate, particularly around my favorite fact (not topic) of discussion; that WoW stopped growing during WotLK, thanks in large part to the design changes made at that time. Az … Continue reading

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Vanilla WoW today would have more subs than current WoW

All the recent talk of vanilla WoW is right in my wheelhouse, and not just because its yet another feather in my giant cap of “things SynCaine was right about long before everyone else caught up”, but also because you … Continue reading

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FFXIV: The view from level 50 as it stands today

Having returned to FFXIV for a few weeks now, the experience has been surprisingly great. I’m level 51 on my main class (Paladin), and I’m currently working through the main quest content that was added in patches after launch. The … Continue reading

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Quick, guess Blizzard’s panic move!?

First, no, I’m not dead. It was close (worst cold/flu of my life), and moving into a newly built house during said death illness didn’t help, but what REALLY did me in was Comcast. Despite calling them early on, telling … Continue reading

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