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Remember the LoTRO beta?

Quick thought that popped into my head just now: remember how polished and smooth the LoTRO beta felt? The game levels 1-15 seemed amazing during beta, with great quests, landscapes, and story. It was not until release that we all … Continue reading

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Age of Conan, say hello to Auto Assault, your new roommate.

The current buzz in our little corner of the MMO blog world is all about the AoC beta and the game’s approaching release. Most sources are reporting major issues, both gameplay wise and on the tech side, ranging from sub-par … Continue reading

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Time to make this blog do some work for me…

Long shot here, but does anyone work for, or know someone at Turbine Entertainment? If you do, please email me. (syncaine at yahoo dot com) Thanks everyone. /end shameless usage of blog for personal gain

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Too WoW-like, a positive or negative?

Tobold has a post up today questioning the wisdom of designing an MMO with features too similar to WoW, speaking specifically about Age of Conan. His point is that why would someone play something WoW-like when they could just play … Continue reading

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I will kill you with nagging

Between my Man Captain and Aria’s Elf Minstrel, your little duo+herald do a LOT of yelling. I mean like 3-4 yells a regular mob. We kill bosses by making either eardrums bleed. I don’t mind the yelling, it’s kinda cool … Continue reading

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MMO gaming from the ultra-casual perspective.

At the request of my bf that is swamped at work, I am writing my first blog post ever. And ironically, it is about something that a year and a half ago, I knew virtually nothing about. I am a … Continue reading

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Quick thought of the day.

DoTA is a better version of WoW’s Arena PvP? Set map, 5 v 5, class/skill/item balance dependent, fairly twitch based, team unity/communication being key… Seem fairly similar to me, other than the fact DoTA is 100% fair pre-game, while the … Continue reading

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