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SW:TOR and RMT, awesome!

Well we can officially move on from this potential MMO baby jesus, looks like SW:TOR is going to have RMT. Sweet, I can’t wait to afk grind sci-fi foozles while chugging $5 xp potions  wearing my $10 hot pink R2D2 … Continue reading

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What is raiding in WoW today?

In somewhat of an odd coincidence, the day Tobold posts about mini-Naxx is also around the time the topic of raiding was brought up in our vent. We were discussing what made raiding fun for us back in vanilla WoW, … Continue reading

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Still the players fault…

Clearly showing that if you don’t hand-hold the players, they won’t get it. To the short bus! Amusingly enough, some still don’t…

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Warhammer has 500k active subs, bored WoW players return.

Using yesterdays (Sunday, Dec 7) data, WoW is played by 104,255 Xfire users. WAR is played by 4,686. Blizzard reports that WoW has about 11,000,000 active accounts. 11,000,000 / 104,255 = X / 4,686 Fancy kids math…. WAR has 500k … Continue reading

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Fallout 3, youtube, forums, and RvR.

So many topics, so little time. Well not really, I have all day, but wall of text crits are not always cool, so I’ll try to be brief with everything. First up, the internet gets butthurt over a youtube video. … Continue reading

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Fallout 3 and WAR update, Forsaken/CoW merger.

Quick Fallout update: It’s still great. Super Mutants with miniguns that sneak up behind you hurt. Random raiders and talon company mercs with sniper rifles are also… interesting. At the same time, taking someone’s head off with a scoped magnum, … Continue reading

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Darkfall, clearly eating babies, news at 11.

First things first, this is a ‘kettle calling the pot black’ type of post. I know, but that’s the joy of running a one man, type whatever blog. Feel free to skip the post if this somehow raises your blood … Continue reading

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WAR 1.06 patch quick thoughts.

The 1.06 patch notes are out, enjoy the novel. For anyone who tried the patch on test, you know what an improvement 1.06 brings to the combat. Hopefully the transition to live does not affect this. Odder things have happened… … Continue reading

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Late to the party, my initial thoughts on Fallout 3.

I’ve finally gotten around to playing Fallout 3, and my god is the game amazing. It just does so many things right, and while it has some flaws, it overall feels just so complete. It’s smart, keeps you guessing, and … Continue reading

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