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Accessible to you means trivial to me, and elitist to him.

It seems Tobold was having a rough day Friday. Aside from missing the true point of my post, a few days later Tobold describes a similar situation, only from the ‘raid leech’ perspective rather than an officer’s. As seen here, … Continue reading

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I see your silly RMT, and raise you $15

$15 for a sex change? It’s not even close to April 1st… Now finally EVERYONE can be a naked female dancing on a mailbox. Long overdue really,  I mean since you removed anything close to a challenge, you have to … Continue reading

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WAR Keep defense, not so useless.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘battle report’ style post about Warhammer Online, but that does not mean the RvR has slowed. If anything, with all the recent patches, RvR has actually increased on Monolith to the point … Continue reading

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SW:TOR and RMT, awesome!

Well we can officially move on from this potential MMO baby jesus, looks like SW:TOR is going to have RMT. Sweet, I can’t wait to afk grind sci-fi foozles while chugging $5 xp potions  wearing my $10 hot pink R2D2 … Continue reading

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What is raiding in WoW today?

In somewhat of an odd coincidence, the day Tobold posts about mini-Naxx is also around the time the topic of raiding was brought up in our vent. We were discussing what made raiding fun for us back in vanilla WoW, … Continue reading

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Still the players fault…

Clearly showing that if you don’t hand-hold the players, they won’t get it. To the short bus! Amusingly enough, some still don’t…

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Warhammer has 500k active subs, bored WoW players return.

Using yesterdays (Sunday, Dec 7) data, WoW is played by 104,255 Xfire users. WAR is played by 4,686. Blizzard reports that WoW has about 11,000,000 active accounts. 11,000,000 / 104,255 = X / 4,686 Fancy kids math…. WAR has 500k … Continue reading

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