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EVE: Jita Phoenix

I believe this might be a first, but I fully disagree with Jester on what impact the Goons “Jita Burns” event might have, and what CCP’s reaction will be. Simply put, Jita Burns might be the single most entertaining day … Continue reading

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EVE: A post about EVE that talks about in-game activity

Corp Update: Growth has continued, and daily activity is up. Our regular Ops have been changing up a bit, as we are able to field an Incursion-capable fleet now and opted for that over mining on Sunday. Our mining efficiency … Continue reading

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GW2: Same old siege

Quick thought on this post from Werit about a GW2 siege video, and the comment from Snafzg that sieging in DAOC, WAR, and (potentially) GW2) suck: sieges in Darkfall don’t suck. They don’t display the same “bang a door” pattern, … Continue reading

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Falling on a Massive sword

Now that Massively has apologized (warning: Massively comments hilarity in full effect),after getting worked over by Mittens on-air, I believe the unofficial “who can make the least-informed EVE post” competition has come to a close. To all the blogs that … Continue reading

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Dear blog owners

Today does not make your otherwise unfunny blog funny.

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