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EVE: WH building blocks

Gevlon posts + unfiltered comments = internet winning. That aside, WH life update time. I like our WH. Having a low-sec static means we can roll it in an attempt to get favorable Empire access, or roll it to a … Continue reading

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Three amazing games and everyones favorite mistake

In shocking news no one saw coming, SW:TOR is doing really well. Someone should start a “is it 6 months yet?” meme. That would be cute. Hey at least the game is free now, how very FFXIV of EAWare. Speaking … Continue reading

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Wish I had kept that 50 on my account

Busy day at work means you just get a link. /agree with Paragus Only question left is who came up with this? The Mythic failures, or the “Sundays are busy” crew? Put me down for $5 on white shades.

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EVE: Aim higher

Back when Gevlon (and countless other bloggers) droned on and on about WoW AH ‘strategies’ I always laughed to myself. Posting that you dominate the kiddy pool just makes you look bad, and the only people who are impressed by … Continue reading

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EVE: Getting knocked into the whelp eggs all over again

Playing multiple pilots in a wormhole is not smart. I won’t be making that mistake again, but it’s too bad it took losing about 500m ISK to learn the lesson. I was mining a grav site on one account in … Continue reading

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EVE: Communism

Quick note for today: I’ve implemented communism in our wormhole. Basically all drops/products that actually make it to market and get sold go into the Corporate wallet, and once the wallet reach a certain amount, all active WH residence get … Continue reading

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EVE: First weekend in our wormhole

Rumors of WH life being slow and boring are greatly exaggerated, at least based on our first weekend. Holy crap did a lot happen. After the previously reported POS setup failure, the EVE gods smiled on us and opened up … Continue reading

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EVE: We are unofficially a wormhole Corp now

Last night INQ-E purchased a wormhole and established ourselves in our new home. Oh wait that was just the plan. In a very impressive showing, we had the majority of the Corp online and ready for the move. Haulers filled … Continue reading

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If only it had snowed more

EVE is not the only game that people say stupid things about. From everyone’s favorite comments section, I give you this gem: Linking apparent server populations to subscriber numbers might be an indicator, but in reality, it’s really just conjecture, … Continue reading

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Show me where the bad man touched you

In the hotly contested “Say the absolute stupidest thing about EVE” category, we have a new winner. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present: Is EVE a game, or a platform for abuse? Congratulations. You somehow managed to make Massively … Continue reading

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