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Troubled Witcher, returning to Skyrim

Despite trying, I just can’t get into The Witcher 2. It’s a gorgeous game, I loved the first title, and I have time for an RPG right now while waiting for :NDA:, but I just can’t do it. The main … Continue reading

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The Niche is Real

Massively has linked to a video about 38 Studios. It’s worth watching. In the comments section, there is a link to an article about the entire thing. I’m pretty sure I’ve read it before, and perhaps even linked it here, … Continue reading

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Honest Pay-2-Win

Quick note before I get to the topic for today: Is it just me, or is The Witcher 2 freaking hard? I have the game on Normal after doing the tutorial, and I’m getting my ass handed to me every … Continue reading

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