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iPhone time: Clash of Clans

If you watch TV I’m guessing you have seen the ad for Clash of Clans. I’ll admit I think the ad is pretty clever/cute, enough so that I decided to download the game on my iPhone (and also because CoC … Continue reading

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F2P All The WAY! doing it big again

Whale Hunting! Funny story, and yet again provides some nice insight into just who the F2P MMO business model is going after; it’s not about getting little Billy to spend a buck no matter how many times a hotbar salesmen … Continue reading

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Rust is not an MMO

Picked up Rust to play with some friends. So far (2 days in) it’s fun. Alright killed someone and had them rage in global, and yes, it’s ‘that type of game’. I also think Rust is a perfect example of … Continue reading

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WoW is just trolling itself now

Glad to see the A-team is back and hard at work on WoW.

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The “Premium Theater” MMO

Story time. A few years ago the local movie theater introduced the Premium Theater. It’s $20 a ticket, which includes popcorn and soda. The entrance to this area is separate from the general entrance, its 21+ due to the area … Continue reading

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Taking genius for granted

As I interact with MMO players across the genre in different games, a common theme has started to develop; either you are an MMO player with EVE experience, or you aren’t. And I don’t mean ‘EVE experience’ in terms of … Continue reading

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The Day LoL Died

Whelp, it’s been fun. The picture of him is perfect too. That “would you like more welfare epics?” smile, those eyes that reassure you death is impossible, that hair that represents all his good ideas. Bastard. (This is the welfare … Continue reading

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