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LotRO: You’ll never see Mordor

Let’s talk about LotRO! Actually let’s not talk about the content of LotRO, because why make everyone suffer, but instead let’s talk about how things have gone for the game overall, and specifically under F2P. Spoiler alert: LotRO is a … Continue reading

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ESO: Is it finally multiplayer Skyrim?

So ESO is going B2P (pending what the cash shop contains, but I doubt they are going to sell you hotbars or guns out of planes), which is of some interest to me. While I wasn’t in love with ESO … Continue reading

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Credit to Massively for this one

Granted, the good stuff is quotes rather than the writing/opinion of Massively, but still, this article about how Das Tal will be better than ArcheAge made me smile. That said, setting the bar at “better than AA” is like setting … Continue reading

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Playing games “the right way”

I think I’ve written about this before, related to MMOs and really ‘buying in’ when playing, but playing Avernum right now and recently having beaten Farcry has reminded me that sometimes, a key to really enjoying a game is “playing … Continue reading

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$2 steal, Avernum is on sale right now

Avernum: Escape from the Pit is on sale right now, 80% off to drop the price to $1.99. If you like RPGs, this is the easiest two bucks you can spend. The game is excellent (full review/post coming ‘soon’). PS: … Continue reading

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Boom Beach: Task force “Hardcore Casual” created, join up!

Last week I wrote about the current state of my Clash of Clans… clan, and wondered how best to run things given the usual casual/hardcore divide that most online group usually runs into. I believe I have part of the … Continue reading

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Steam tales: We might not be friends anymore

There hasn’t been many, but whenever I see someone has purchased H1Z1 on my activity report on Steam, I think a little bit less of that individual. Be better everyone.

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