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Playing games “the right way”

I think I’ve written about this before, related to MMOs and really ‘buying in’ when playing, but playing Avernum right now and recently having beaten Farcry has reminded me that sometimes, a key to really enjoying a game is “playing … Continue reading

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$2 steal, Avernum is on sale right now

Avernum: Escape from the Pit is on sale right now, 80% off to drop the price to $1.99. If you like RPGs, this is the easiest two bucks you can spend. The game is excellent (full review/post coming ‘soon’). PS: … Continue reading

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Boom Beach: Task force “Hardcore Casual” created, join up!

Last week I wrote about the current state of my Clash of Clans… clan, and wondered how best to run things given the usual casual/hardcore divide that most online group usually runs into. I believe I have part of the … Continue reading

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Steam tales: We might not be friends anymore

There hasn’t been many, but whenever I see someone has purchased H1Z1 on my activity report on Steam, I think a little bit less of that individual. Be better everyone.

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Pay to play, pay to spawn item

One item I want to address today in light of Smed being Smed: Since the beginning of time, you have been able to pay another player real money to get something in a game. In UO I could buy a … Continue reading

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Smed being Smed?

SOE being SOE is well established, but do we now need a sub-category for them with Smed being Smed? I think we might. I present you exhibit A: “We will NOT be selling Guns, Ammo, Food, Water… i.e. That’s kind … Continue reading

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CoC: State of the Cream update

Outside of the war updates from Delpez, I want to write a bit about CoC in general, the clan specifically, and related items, so here goes. As for CoC itself, I’m still very actively playing the game, and believe it’s … Continue reading

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CoC: War stats vs GoHAM Gaming 1/12/2015

(Stats and writeup by Delpez) Supreme Cream! vs. Goham Gaming   Supreme Cream Enemy Average TH Level 7.84 8.08 Average Player Level 70.50 80.16 Score 107 134 Total Attacks Used 81 93 Total 3 Star Attacks 18 35 Total 3 … Continue reading

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Farcry 4 finished, some thoughts

So a few days ago I ‘finished’ Farcry 4. I say finished in ‘finished’ because I didn’t complete all of the side quests before finishing the main storyline mission, and there is certainly plenty of other stuff for me to … Continue reading

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Lifeless-like (get it)

  Little Monday morning trivia for everyone, is the above image: A: An upcoming one-man indie game B: Something I created in the last ten minutes using free software and default art C: SOE being SOE

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