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Awesome new WoW podcast!

The sad part is 75% of the WoW population would consider this a legit WoW podcast. Also sad is that about 50% of what was said, while meant to be funny, is actually true. “If I want good PvP, is … Continue reading

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The lack of EVE-related posts here is mostly due to one factor; I haven’t been playing EVE much lately. I blame WoW mostly, along with The Witcher whenever the WoW bug has subdued long enough to play something else. I’m … Continue reading

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The value of the blogging community.

Darren made a nice plea over at his site for bloggers to get into the WAR beta, or at the very least Keen. I support that (both the bloggers part and the Keen part), and can’t really come up with … Continue reading

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Podcasts for all!

Both Witty Banter 2 (not to be confused with Witty Ranter, as some are known to do…) and SUWT 19 are up. Witty Banter is the previously mentioned podcast that I was a part of. SUWT 19 talks about two … Continue reading

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Virgin Worlds Podcast 100!

Congrats to Brent on show 100. A huge achievement for an awesome site. Go check it out! edit: That “I love that” clip has to be one of the better sound bites ever, right along with the whole Archlord praise … Continue reading

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Don’t put your PvE in my PvP, and vice versa.

SUWT 17 is out, and as always, it’s high quality podcast goodness, go check it out. Near the end of the podcast a post of mine is linked and discussed, with the hosts talking a bit about PvP. I could … Continue reading

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Maelstrom Podcast

Posting this a bit late, but go check out the newest Maelstrom Podcast here. I was lucky enough to jump on Skype and join in on the round table. Enjoy everyone!

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