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BFG 9600 GT OC = Upgrade. Virus = Downgrade.

My ABS computer, the one replaced by my newer Alienware and now being used by the girlfriend to play WoW, got a video card upgrade recently, going from a faulty 7900 GTX to a new BFG 9600 GT OC. While … Continue reading

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On rails pacing in WoW, a solution or a problem?

Over the long weekend I had my first chance to see the Cavern of Time area, and also run Durnholde Keep, the first of three instances available. Overall the Cavern of Time area is a nice, albeit strange change of … Continue reading

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The future of blogging?

I found this article very interesting as a blogger myself. Clearly the type of blog the article talks about is way beyond anything most of us in the MMO blog world deal with in terms of traffic or money, but … Continue reading

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It’s everyones favorite topic.

RMT talk time! Tobold has a post up today about the subject, quoting a well written article from Zen of Design by Damion. I’ve made a few comments on Tobold’s blog, but felt the need to get into more detail … Continue reading

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It’s like the good old days. Thanks SOE!

Now this is an interesting story. First off I have to say that Massively has really been impressing me lately. First they listened to the community and moved a ton of their Second Life stories to their own section, and … Continue reading

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Showing some love, an extended blog roll.

Blogs have blog rolls, which in theory show what other blogs the author enjoys and would recommend his/her reads to look at. While basically functional, blog rolls are somewhat limited in that they are basically just a name and a … Continue reading

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Focused goodness or cheap clones?

I forget who made this comment, but some developer stated he would rather make four 10 million dollar budget MMOs than make one $40 million dollar budget MMO. My first reaction to that comment was somewhat negative, as I imagined … Continue reading

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