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Server is down, waiting… :the pain: Also currently debating what server type to plan on. Leaning towards open, but CoW (the blogger and friends guild) are going standard. Guess knowing a bit more about how the tiers are layed out … Continue reading

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Ship and Pod go boom!

I lost another ship (Sigil) and my first ever Pod today. The Sigil is no big deal, as it was crap fitted and is itself very cheap. The Pod however is another matter, as the Pilot, our little market mogul, … Continue reading

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WAR beta, finally!

The good news keeps on rolling, and I’m finally in the WAR beta. The download is through a torrent, and as I’m not too familiar with that (don’t ask) I don’t really know if I have it set up correctly. I … Continue reading

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Gamestop delivers.

I mentioned yesterday that I was still waiting for my SE pre-order codes from Gamestop, but they have indeed arrived today. Is it beta time yet…?

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WAR beta and EAStore codes!

Just when I was begining to worry a bit about getting my beta codes from the EAStore, ping goes the iPhone and there they are. Score! All three of the codes from pre-ordering the CE are included. Now I’m left … Continue reading

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When playing the market in EVE really pays.

I took a quick two day vacation to Maine, just to get away and clear my head a bit after the recent job fiasco. Crap weather aside, it was a very nice trip, especially since it was only an hour … Continue reading

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Reverse WoW-thinking.

Working on Book 3 in LoTRO last night reminded me why MMOs are as great as they are. When you get a group of people together, and everything goes well, the experience is far greater than anything a single player … Continue reading

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Quick LoTRO update.

Yes I still play LoTRO, just don’t have too much to say about it. It’s a very solid MMO that is well worth playing. It does not break a whole lot of new ground, or do any one thing particularly … Continue reading

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EVE Market update, 100 million ISK.

Market Update time. After a week or so of really focusing on the market, I’ve learned quite a bit, and made plenty of mistakes (which is kind of like the EVE mantra really). The good news is that I now … Continue reading

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Prolonged vacation

So I lost my job yesterday. For me, that means it’s time to scramble and find a new job, for you (the reader) that means possibly more/less posting. I’m not sure which just yet, but we will see. While being unemployed … Continue reading

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