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Now that the major features of WAR have been covered, either here or on other blogs, I figured I would throw out some random bits. This is going to jump around , so let me know if anything needs more … Continue reading

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Yea, what he said.

As is usually the case, Tobold writes down what most of us are trying to say but with a lot less rambling. Damn blog Overlord. I agree completely with his post, and if anyone is still on the fence about WAR, … Continue reading

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PQs and Open groups, best friends forever.

Day two in our ‘post NDA’ world. Lots of bloggers have posted either complete reviews or shared thoughts on certain topics. Overall the response is positive, with a few SOE cool-aid drinkers in the mix (they must be waiting for … Continue reading

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Tome of Knowledge, the feature that could.

With the NDA down (it is down, right?), lets finally start talking WAR details. The one feature that I wrote off as a gimmick when I heard about it was the Tome of Knowledge. To me it sounded like a … Continue reading

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Tomorrow huh?

NDA drops, finally. I won’t do a whole big review, as I’m sure those will be everywhere and lets face it, as amazing as WAR is, it’s a mass-market MMO. You still do quests, get items, level, all that. Like … Continue reading

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Melee healer, whoo!

In yet another example of ‘no one thought of this before?’, the mechanic of having to engage in melee combat to effectively heal works amazingly well to keep a support class from falling into a healbot roll. The fact that … Continue reading

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Everything I want to write is under NDA.

How have all the people who have been in the WAR beta been able to think about anything else? I was sitting today trying to think of something to write about, that won’t be NDA breaking, and I just can’t. I can’t … Continue reading

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Server up… must play… sorry…

:logs out quickly: …. …. PQ = Godlike …. …. WoW-like about as much as EQ was UO-like …. …. I now fully understand why Paul is always excited, he gets to play WAR …. …. :logs back in:

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It’s ok to hate bad PvP, but have you played good PvP?

What if Warhammer PvP is something PvE players do end up liking? I mean, if EQ PvP is your only example of PvP, I don’t blame you for hating PvP. Same goes for WoW PvP. Two PvE games that tried to … Continue reading

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Warhammer sales prediction

Tobold started it, and since my comment was running long, I figured I would post my response here. AoC sold around 750k units, and most attribute that to general MMO boredom. Since AoC really did not deliver all that it … Continue reading

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