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WAR 1.1.1 patch, fixing oRvR one step at a time.

Patch 1.1.1 is out today for Warhammer Online, with some short but potentially very sweet notes. Once a player hits rank 40, the focus of the game goes (as intended) straight to the RvR campaign, with the ultimate goal of … Continue reading

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The recession and you, a podcast.

Ever wondered what some bloggers think about the recession and how it might effect MMO gaming? Of course you have, and fear not, we deliver! Check out the latest “Witty Ranter“, hosted by Adam and featuring downy voice me (I … Continue reading

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Why usually ‘kill ten rats’ sucks, and how AO nails it.

Lots of people hate kill ten rats. No I don’t mean the blog (it rocks), but that style of quest in an MMO, where some NPC with some minor issue sends you out to kill some number of enemies, only … Continue reading

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