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DarkFall: AV Q&A, and some player vendor impressions

Two DarkFall items for today. First up, there is an extensive Q&A up at about DarkFall from Paragus Rants. The questions where all submitted by players on the DF forums, and surprisingly all questions that followed the rules were … Continue reading

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Dear Tobold

Before this goes any further, I want to clear up a few things. I don’t hate Tobold. I only know him about as well as some of you, which is through reading his blog over the last few years and … Continue reading

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This just in: fans cheer/jeer during rivalry

First off, if you are going to address someone, don’t be cowardly and do it anonymously, if for no other reason than to keep your readers from having to decode what you are talking about. Just trying way, way too … Continue reading

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What a weekend of PvE questing brings

Over the weekend I did a lot of questing and PvE in DarkFall, all spurred by one title quest turn in. And I had a blast, getting to see the new quest content Aventurine added since release and seeing how … Continue reading

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Yup, I lol’ed.

True story time, gather round. I get a pingback email about this post linking me, go check it out, disagree mildly, and then notice that the two automatically generated posts by WordPress are both from my blog about the tourist … Continue reading

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King’s Bounty: Gold Edition silly sale

I’ve not downloaded it yet, but for under $12 this just seems like a complete steal for anyone who is a turn-based strategy fan, especially if you liked the Heroes of Might and Magic series. Given that I’ve played HoMM3 … Continue reading

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Ignorance is not bliss

I don’t have much interest in personally playing Star Trek Online. Between being totally happy and engrossed with DarkFall, not being a huge fan of the ST IP, generally not being a big Cryptic fan, and not seeing/reading anything about … Continue reading

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Another year, and still everyone is immortal?

Speaking of death (see post below), one thing I noticed while reading everyone’s 2010 predictions is that no one (that I saw) predicted an MMO would launch or be announced with perma-death. While MUDs exist or existed with perma-death, we … Continue reading

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Not that I wish death often, but here it can’t come soon enough

I have somewhere around 3000 hours logged into World of Warcraft according to Xfire (most of that in vanilla, some in BC just prior to WotLK), so when someone with 3000 hours has trouble deciding if the screen shot used … Continue reading

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DarkFall: Small clan gets a ship

Now that I’m back together with the Inquisition crew I was with on EU (no more fairy wings for Inq), it’s back to small-clan activity in the same big alliance (INQ is allied with VAMP/NEM). For me that really is … Continue reading

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