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Kingdom Conquest tips

A lot of people have the same questions about Kingdom Conquest, so rather than typing them out on my iPhone, I’ll just put some info up here. First and most importantly, always work towards a quest goal, as they will … Continue reading

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Kingdon Conquest Alliance formed

World 9 is the latest world in KC, and Inquisition has an alliance up (Inquisition). We are situated in the north-east. If you want to play with us, you can go into the options menu at the launch screen and … Continue reading

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Blood Bowl: Norse on Norse crime

Last night I played a particularly brutal game of Blood Bowl, as my Norse team went up against another Norse team. When two teams that love to hit, but can’t take it meet, you know its going to get ugly. … Continue reading

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Darkfall: Battle for Skogul

Mmmm, good MMO PvP, how I’ve missed you so. Not even Comcast’s wrath could keep me away last night, as Flying V (my alliance) laid siege to the hamlet of Skogul, owned by the ReVenge alliance. We brought around 40, … Continue reading

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More than five hours

Installing and patching The Witcher from it’s v1.0 CD to 1.5 is, I believe, humanly impossible. First you download the huge 1.4 patch, only to have it inform you that you need to install the language pack. Grab that 400+mb … Continue reading

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Five hours

For some, it will take longer to download an expansion than to reach it’s level cap. That is most impressive for 25 months, hundreds of devs, and millions of dollars later. Lowering the bar (of accessibility!) yet again.

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I’m going to player impact the shit out of this instance!

“We’ll throw you into your very first instance, to get a feel for a very player directed experience.” Um… what? Oh and two faction in the Warhammer universe, good call. Have they announced a coordinated dance animation between Chaos Warriors … Continue reading

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Kingdom Conquest: The surprising iPhone MMO that works

Kingdom Conquest, a MMO of sorts for the iPhone, has been a very pleasant surprise. Its part resource sim (build a city, city produces resources, spend resources to improve city + army), part card game-style combat, and part beat-em-up mini-game. … Continue reading

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Forge: Not the most agile elf around

Blood Bowl League Update: Our league is in the midst of week four, so a long-overdue update is in order. To check out all of the stats and standings, swing by our website. My team, Syngularity, just played it’s 4th … Continue reading

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Losing on the interwebz

You admit defeat on the internet when talking about an upcoming game when you state “this is just the beginning; they have future plans for feature X that could make it really great”. The game is not out yet, and … Continue reading

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